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Here’s some sincere transition advice for Governor-elect McCrory – from somebody who’s been there: Focus on your key staff first, then your Cabinet.
Every incoming Governor and President makes a big show about Cabinet appointments. Too often, they short-shift their key staff.
Two examples: The Chief of Staff and the Communications Director will have more to do with a new Governor’s success or failure than anybody else.
The chief of staff, if he or she is good, will make sure everybody in the administration toes the line – and that there’s a line to toe.
The communications director will determine whether the administration’s story is being told well.
On the personal level, a governor will spend a lot more time with those two people than with any Cabinet secretary.
And the Governor can count on the chief of staff to fire a bad Cabinet secretary. If the chief of staff doesn’t work out, the Governor has to do the firing.


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