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The battle is over. Let’s ride down out of the hills and shoot the wounded:

  • Big Winner? Barack Obama. But he also faces a big racial divide. The question next Tuesday is whether he can win white and Latino votes.

  • Big Losers. The Clintons. Hillary said she found her voice in New Hampshire. Unfortunately, Bill found his in South Carolina. Obama’s victory speech put the Clinton’s in their box: The Past. They look so 1990s now.

  • Crazy Like Foxes? The Clintons are feeling their short-term pain. Ted and Caroline Kennedy endorse Obama. The New York-Washington commentariat is in full cry because the Clintons allegedly played the race card. But – as Pat Buchanan, of all people, pointed out – the Clintons may have put a big hole in Obama’s boat. The Clintons have never cared much about what the Smart People say; they’ve fought those battles before and believe they can always go around the media and the political insiders.

  • On to Denver! Super Duper Tuesday looks like Super Duper Confusion. Watch all three Democratic candidates claim victory next Tuesday.

  • The Third Man. John Edwards’ strategy is not hopeless. It would not be the first time two candidates destroyed each other and left a big hole for the third candidate to run through.

  • Calling Bob Shrum. Obama’s speech put his finger on what got Edwards in third place: Too angry. Too rich versus poor. Time to smile again, like in the South Carolina debate.

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