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In last week’s Democratic debate John Edwards turned to Hillary, lifted his chin, and stated, ‘Unless I missed something, Senator Clinton just said two different things in two minutes.’

At that moment the pot called the kettle black.

Senator Clinton should have arched an eyebrow and responded: ‘Unless I missed something, John Edwards was two different men in two different campaigns.

Consider this: In 2004 Edwards was a centrist. Now he’s to the left of to Dennis Kucinich.

In 2004 he was smiling Johnny-be-positive. Now, he’s slashing away at Hillary with an axe in each hand.

He was Dr. Jeckell. He is Mr. Hyde.

And after all that he says unctuously: ‘You have to be able to trust a President.’ Which is true.

But what do you do if he’s two different people?

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