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The Democrats in Raleigh are grumpy because Speaker Thom Tillis has set up a new nonprofit to be the ‘Voice of House Republicans.’
Now, like ‘em or not, Super PACs, IE’s, and 527’s are the new political reality – Obama had ‘em, Romney had ‘em, and now Speaker Tillis has one. The more curious question is, why aren’t the House Democrats setting up one of their own – instead of grumping?
While it’s a cold hard fact Democrats still outnumber Republicans in North Carolina, it’s also a cold hard fact that last election Republicans in the State House and Senate out-fundraised, out-messaged and out-campaigned Democrats hands down – with a predictable result: Democrats lost every election in a swing district except in one lone State Senate district.  
Democrats winning the next election with no voice (and no money) isn’t likely – unless lightning strikes, and that only happens about once in a decade. So why is the once-mighty party of Jim Hunt sitting by as Thom Tillis rolls up his sleeves and starts work on winning the next election?


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