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Democrats have become so dominant in Raleigh elections City Council races have turned into a series of inner-party squabbles.

Take the at-large race. Incumbent Russell Stephenson and Mary Ann Baldwin are slugging it out to prove which of the two Democrats is really anti-developer.

The definition of developer in the District B race has taken an even more peculiar turn. Democrat incumbent Jessie Taliaferro, a school teacher, has supported turning Horseshoe Farm into a city park with a gymnasium and ballfield. This sounds odd, but according to her Democratic opponent – Rodger Koopman – that makes her pro-developer. Koopman supporter Betsy Kane says if Mrs. Taliaferro were really anti-developer she wouldn’t build any recreation facilities – that would disturb the squirrels – in the park.

Last year on the City Council Mrs. Taliaferro helped pass a whopping 72% increase in impact fees (taxes) on developers. So, it must come as a surprise to her to be attacked as pro-developer because she wanted to build a ballfield.

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