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Walter Dalton’s strategy at the first gubernatorial debate tells you two things: He thinks Pat McCrory can’t take a punch. And he has to dramatically change the contour of the race to win.
Attacking might work. A big reason McCrory lost in 2008 was that he failed to answer the Perdue campaign’s late attack on bringing New York trash to North Carolina. This year, McCrory showed a thin skin when attacked on his client work.
At the debate, McCrory tried the classic frontrunner strategy of brushing it all aside with a smile and a quip. That won’t cut it. If you don’t fight back in a debate, your opponent seizes the momentum.
McCrory is leading the race. Dalton has to shake things up. He did. Next we learn: Can McCrory counter-punch?


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One comment on “Dalton's Strategy

  1. Carbine says:

    Good timing Gary. Have you seen the Rasmussen poll yet today?

    If Dalton did indeed “shake things up” you’d need a very, very sensitive seismograph to detect it. Point zero, zero, one on the political Richter scale, I’d say. Gonna need a lot more than that to make any kind of dent in that 14 point McCrory advantage.

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