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Political campaigns are built around six basic resources: 1) money; 2) time; 3) a candidate; 4) the people who work – or volunteer – in the campaign; 5) issues; and 6) demographics. Let’s compare Hillary’s campaign to Barack Obama’s.

1. Money – Hillary has more.

2. Time – Both started early; even playing field.

3. Candidate – Obama is more articulate; Hillary is more experienced. This is her third Presidential Campaign, his first.

4. People – like Hillary her campaign leaders have more experience.

5. Issues – Obama is flanking Hillary on the left on the war.

6. Demographics – Hillary has an edge as a woman.

Of course, money is the be-all and end-all in Presidential campaigns. It’s hard to defeat someone with a hundred million dollar megaphone in a business where volume matters. But experience may be Hillary’s other big advantage. Knowing how to do a thing – instead of learning as you go – can be half the battle. Obama’s announcement is an example.

Obama is running for President as an outsider. An anti-politician. A new kind of leader. But he announced for President standing in front of a row of archetypical granite columned government buildings in Chicago, speaking at a podium, with the archetypical political image of him holding his daughter with his wife at his side. He looked like anything but an anti-politician. By comparison Hillary announced on the internet with a video of her sitting in her living room. It is hadn’t been Hillary she would have looked like the non-politician.

I once worked with a lady who kept a sign on the wall in her office: Old age and cunning will beat youth and enthusiasm every time. Hillary’s certainly not old, but in the Democratic primary experience and cunning may be a lethal combination.

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