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Beverly Perdue has trotted out one of the oldest and tiredest campaign proposals there is: a bipartisan commission to find savings in the state budget.  What’s worse, the idea could hurt her in the Democratic primary.


This retread comes back up every few years – usually from a conservative or a Republican.


It’s total bull. 


Perdue claims a commission can find $250 million in savings.




For decades, politicians have promised to root out “waste, fraud and abuse” in state government.  The bones are pretty well picked over.


The only way to cut that much is to lay off people.  Or cut education.  Or mental health.  Or Medicaid.


In other words, whack the people Democrats are supposed to help.  And who vote in Democratic primaries.


Why, oh why would Perdue open herself up to that line of attack from Richard Moore?


He could start by asking Perdue: You’ve been at the legislature for two decades.  If $250 million could be cut from the state budget, why haven’t you?


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