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I’m enjoying watching Republicans put President Bush on the hot seat for letting a Middle Eastern company run American ports.

And I have a sneaking suspicion that beneath all this hoorah – as one of the commenters on our blog suggested – there might be nothing wrong with the arrangement.

But you can’t blame me for enjoying the spectacle.

Ever since 2000, Bush has benefited from the right-wing media frothing machine – the talk TV and talk radio blowhards who are skewered so well by the “Colbert Report” on Comedy Central.

Now their target is Bush.

Plus, Bush has worked overtime since 9/11 to make us think there is no difference between those people – whether they’re named Saddam or Osama.

Now he has to explain why there is a difference.

Another irony: First Bush threatened to veto any effort to reverse his decision. Then he admitted he didn’t make the decision – or even know about it.

Who made it? A committee chaired by Deputy Treasury Secretary Robert M. Kimmitt.

As the President himself might say: “Heckuva job, Kimmie.”

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