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The Civitas Institutes latest poll was bad news for North Carolina’s two most prominent trial lawyers-politicians. Right here in his home state John Edwards finds himself in a dead head with Hillary Clinton.

                                    Hillary Clinton            22%

                                    John Edwards             24%

                                    Barach Obama           22%

In politics, when the folks at home – who know you best – start voting for someone else it’s time to find a new occupation.

The Republicans’ most prominent trial lawyer, Salisbury Attorney Bill Graham, got some teeth gnashing news too. Graham spent a million dollars on issue ads last year to get a head start in his race for Governor. According to the Civitas Poll, he needs to spend around five million more.

                                    Bill Graham                10%

                                    Patrick Ballantine      15%

                                    Bob Orr                          8%

                                    Fred Smith                    3%

Here’s an idea for Graham: Think of all the things you can do with five million dollars. You can buy a villa in the south of France and live on the Riviera for the next eight years – instead of in a cold, damp Victorian ‘Gingerbread House’ on Blount Street.

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