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President Bush goes on TV tonight to discuss Iraq. The Democrats in Congress, who oppose President Bush’s ‘surge’ just got some help form unexpected quarters: Iraq’s Prime Minister, Nouri al Maliki. Maliki’s spokesman told the press that when “President Bush told the prime minister he was ready to send additional troops” instead of saying, ‘Yes. Great. Anything to help end the bloodshed,’ Maliki balked, saying he’d have to “talk it over with his military advisors” first.

Why? It seems Prime Minister Maliki’s Shiite allies, including cleric Mugtada al-Sadar’s Shiite militias, are ‘gaining ground’ in their fight to cleanse Baghdad neighborhoods of Sunnis – and may not welcome more American troops right at the moment.

We have now come full circle in Iraq. First, the Shiites welcomed us with open arms because we deposed Saddam. Now it looks like we may interfere with their slaughtering the Sunni’s, so they’re saying, Thank you. But you’ve done enough.

Think back to all the noble talk about bringing ‘democracy to Iraq.’ It turned out to be naïve because in Iraq being in power means something much simpler than justice. It means it’s your turn to punish your enemies.

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