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There’s a beautiful thing about elections – whether your side wins or loses.  Suddenly the politicians have to shut up while the people speak.  And, the next day, the world is a different place.

It may be better or worse, depending on your viewpoint.  You may think, as Republicans did in 1994, that all has now been set right in the world.  Or you may think, as Democrats do today, that the stars have returned to their right alignment.

Whatever, it is decisive.  And everything changes.  The winners start writing inaugural speeches, budgets and new laws.  The losers polish up their resumes.

This year, the people spoke and:

  • Donald Rumsfeld got the heave-ho;
  • Democrats started smelling the White House;
  • The Wake County schools started spending bond money;
  • Republicans started worrying that they are being politically marginalized.

But – for the winners and losers alike – let me remind you of this:  How did you feel at this time two years ago?  Would you have predicted this then?

You can count on this: You’ll be just as surprised two years from now.

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