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Governor McCrory walked into Reid’s Fine Food and ran head on into a cook who proceeded to tell him what he thought of the Governor’s politics; then, the way the cook tells it, the Governor started yelling, saying he was a customer and shouldn’t be treated that way – then the Governor’s security detail complained to the owner and the cook was fired.
Years ago, when ole Joe Hunt (who was Jim Hunt’s uncle) was running for re-election to the State House, as he walked down the street in Greensboro, a lady came up to him and chewed him out, cussing him up one side and down another, saying she wouldn’t vote for him if her life depended on it.
When she was done Joe doffed his hat and said, Well, ma’am, I never reckoned it would be unanimous.

It was a better response.


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# dap916
Wednesday, February 19, 2014 12:38 PM
Where have those politicians gone, Carter? Now, I know we truly don't know FOR SURE what all happened in this incident unless we were actually there and I am sure there is a lot of what someone I saw responding to it called "he said-she said" stuff.

But, something happened, that's for sure and the guy got fired, that's also for sure. A politician with any class at all would have let anything except an actual threat run off of him/her. Maybe that happened, I don't know.

I'm not so sure most of my fellow TAPsters here or other fellow repubs feel as I do about this, but it's still how I feel.
# Choo
Wednesday, February 19, 2014 2:00 PM
A different day and time. Women were talked to different in those days. I don't know but I will bet the print media didn't try and roast Hunt like they do McCrory. Everyone takes the cooks word for what happened, not much credit given to what McCrory camp said happened.

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