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The other day down at the News and Observer ole Rob Christensen wrote about how Republicans in Raleigh are cocksure there’s not a chance they’ll lose their majorities in the State House and State Senate – because of redistricting.
Then he pointed out a not-so-good thing:  When politicians get the idea they’re so powerful they’re invulnerable it leads to mischief. 
Now, the way Republican legislators see the next election they’re safe in their castle, manning the battlements, with the drawbridge pulled up.  It’ll take a mighty horde to whip them.  And no horde’s in site. 
But just as it was true three thousand years ago in the time of King Solomon, so it may be true today: Pride goeth before a fall.
The other morning out of a clear blue sky rumors started flying that former Governor-for-life Jim Hunt has started a mega-million-dollar Democratic Super-PAC – to whip Republican legislators.  Which just might be a horde on the horizon.


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# dap916
Tuesday, February 18, 2014 7:22 PM
I don't know Carter. Hunt was a fierce force back in the day but have U seen him/heard him lately? Now, it might be that he has given his secret permission to use his name in support of lib/progressive stuff, and that is probably what's going on here.

Hunt is part of the old guard Dem party. It is having a bit of a riff with other Dem party factions. Trust me I know this from my involvements clandestinely on lib/dem blog sites and other sources I won't reveal.

We Repubs are basking in our power and glory right now in NC for sure. I am like U Carter and hope we don't let it go to our heads and screw it up.
# Choo
Wednesday, February 19, 2014 12:25 AM
The socialist do smell blood in the water. Hunt may well raise millions. It won't be like the old money, no this money will come with anti-capitalist strings. Like all politicians that won't make a dimes worth of difference. As always a capitalist will sell the hangman the rope for his own doom. The next money maker could be to invest in transportation. Once amnesty passes, there will be a new industry busing voters around the country. That is one reason voter ID is so important to be stopped in it's tracks. No voter ID is a moral Monday, Tuesday, and everyday of the week. That law could end voter fraud, and that isn't a good thing for the Socialist Democratic Party.

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