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Last week summed up the obstacles and opportunities that Governor McCrory faces as he governs in a purple state where politics is played for keeps. And he saw how hard it is, even for a Governor, to dictate the agenda.
McCrory started the week trying to shed the Republican Party’s anti-teacher, anti-education label. He ended it trying to walk a fine line on climate change on Face the Nation. In between, he did what governors most like to do: put on a work shirt, got in front of the cameras and played Master of Disaster. Then he faced what governors most hate to see: a federal investigation into whether his administration is too cozy – as in, a felony – with Duke Energy.
McCrory came off best in the one situation where he had least control: storm response. Remember: the most dangerous place to be in a storm is between a politician and a TV camera.
But he found himself slipping and sliding when CBS’ Bob Schieffer surprised him by quoting a 2008 interview in which McCrory suggested climate change was a gift from God, not man-made. As usual, McCrory said he didn’t say what he’d said – on tape.
The teacher-pay problem is harder to skate away from. Judging from the reaction last week, McCrory and the GOP face tough sledding there (okay, enough with the ice and snow jokes).
The real thin ice (sorry, I can’t help it) is the federal probe into DENR-Duke. Recent political history right here at home shows how politically dangerous that can be.
Stay tuned. Season Two of our own House of Cards is just getting started.
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# dap916
Monday, February 17, 2014 2:16 PM
Okay, I guess I'll have to pick apart all of those things you've presented here. You've given snipets on just so many things here, it's difficult to choose which one to start with. To be honest, it looks like you've been really active in reading radical liberal/socialist/democratic blog sites and have all of these things built up inside of you and had to get them out right here on this one post on TAP. Okay, so let's go:

First, about your statement that McCrory is anti-teacher/anti-education. I'm positive McCrory hates teachers and education. I'm sure everyone else feels that way too. I mean, teachers and education is bad for our state and our country....right? Yeah, that's right. So why has he done something a majority democratic legislature and democratic governor in North Carolina couldn't do when they had control and actually got the teachers a pay raise? He not only did that but did it in a frugile way. Imagine that. That's a burr in your saddle for sure as shown by the number of posts you've put here about it as well as a burr in the saddle of just so many other liberal blog sites in our fair state. The only negative thing that is being said about it is that it "wasn't enough". sorry that even though teachers will FINALLY get a pay raise when the democrats couldn't/wouldn't do "wasn't enough". Sheeesh!

Then you decided to go after McCrory for his statements in his TV inverview about climate change. In that interview on CBS by one of the most liberal commentators on TV, Bob Shieffer pulled out a 5 year old interview and skewed it to try to make people believe McCrory thinks God gave us a gift by making a storm. C'mon, Gary. You are better than that. "McCrory suggested climate change was a gift from God"???????? Really, Gary? Are things that bad that you need to say something like that?

Then, you equate McCrory with the horrible massive leak by Duke Power into the Dan River. Now, let's be honest. That was bad...really bad. It was bad on the part of Duke Power. It is probably going to eventually cost Duke Power customers a ton of money and I don't condone that for one minute. But, making McCrory the bad guy in that because of his employment at Duke Power for years is ludicrous. I know it is easy to put out rhetoric and spin and innuendo to implicate McCrory in "helping" Duke Power and defending them, but that's just what it is...rhetoric and spin and, to be honest, simply politics. Duke has to face the music on this one. And, I'm going to hate it if they just ask for an increase in their billing to customers to do the clean up and pay for the litigation that is coming their way. I think they should spend their billions of profits paying for it and I truly do hope the state entities that have control in this make sure they do. I will wait to see what happens in this before I pass judgement...and you should too, my liberal/democratic friend. But, I wonder just how many legislators (dem or repub) that will make Duke Power spend their profits on many of them actually have interests/stock in that company...again, dem or repub.

# Choo
Monday, February 17, 2014 6:01 PM
I really like to google global warming to see what you socialist were calling it a few years ago. When the globe didn't warm and half the world didn't die, a new talking points phrase was crafted. Climate change. You really should have used this one from the start, after all the weather is always changing and it would have worked to scare the folks. Another source of amusement is to go back to all the global warming quotes from the past, and see how we were going to be doomed by 1976, and then by 1989, and then by 2000, and then by 2010. I guess you are partialy right, some of the people from 1976 are now dead, but global warming had nothing to do with it. I like the ones who said that NY City would be under water in 10 to 20 years, that was said in the mid 70's. But it does give socialist something to rally around, because their economies are in the toilet.

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