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Democrats should be feeling good today. Then Randy Voller comes along.
First, tens of thousands of people march in Raleigh. Their numbers show the depth of anger at Republicans in Raleigh – and the potential impact in November.
Then Governor McCrory and Republican legislative leaders reveal two things: They’re scared that voters will punish them for the damage they’ve done to teachers and public schools, and they have no clue what to do about it.
Then, as election filing begins, an all-star team of Democratic candidates runs onto the field, from Sarah Crawford in Wake-Franklin to Sue Counts in Watauga/Ashe.
But, then, Voller abruptly fires an ED who had begun to restore confidence in the party and apparently sets his mind on appointing to the post the most divisive, controversial figure he can find.
Thomas Mills may have the only logical explanation for Voller: “What if he’s a Republican plant?” A Manchurian chairman, if you will.
It may be that smart Democratic lawyers can figure a way to work around the party. It has pretty much been marginalized anyway. And maybe Republicans will get so fixated on making Chavis and William Barber the faces of the Democratic Party that they’ll forget about education.
But, as I’ve said before, the worst wounds in politics are self-inflicted. And this is a doozy.
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# dap916
Tuesday, February 11, 2014 4:22 PM
Holy Smokes! Your post here would take a diary of its own to respond to. But, I'll try to make my points about each of the issues you've made here in shorthand, so to speak.

First, just exactly how many of those "tens of thousands" of people that marched in Raleigh Saturday at the "Moral March" were actually North Carolina citizens? I think you know what I'm getting at so in the interest of brevity, I'll move on.

Second, I LOVE it that you had to pull out the age-old "scared" routine when talking about Gov. McCrory's efforts that got our teachers (and a great many other state employees) raises without having to raise taxes to pay for it. It exemplifies just how much you and those of your ilk hated it that this has happened. 'Nuff said about that.

Third, I loved your "team-of-two"...Sarah Crawford and Sue Counts. Now THERE'S a big team, y'all. Yep, they're good candidates...and oh man, whatta all-star "team" ! :-)

Finally, let's get a little serious here for a moment. Gary, just how excited are you, really, that Chavis could actually be one of the faces of the Democratic Party in North Carolina? Barber is ..... well, he's just Reverend more Jesse Jackson or Jeremiah Wright, we all know that. But, Chavis? Now, there's a guy with some history I don't think even many on the severe left want to have representing them in our fair state. We Republicans aren't going to forget about education and stop making progress in education just because you democrats make poor choices on who leads you and who represents you. If Chavis becomes one of them, we're going to be smiling big time.

You did say one thing I agree with here. Most political wounds are self-inflicted. The NCDP isn't going to make any headway with how it's operating currently...that's for sure.

# Reaganite
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 8:43 AM
Education funding is being threatened in state budgets all across the country by exploding Medicaid spending, and that is happening in North Carolina as well. Here is former Bill Clinton aide Dick Morris' explanation of what is going on:

Medicaid is a Democrat welfare program that is strangling state budgets. What we need to do is cut back in Medicaid so we can pay for education.

Also, we need to be smarter with the education budget. We pay a lot of useless and overpaid central office educrats at both the state and local level. We need to reduce both the number of positions and the salaries there, and shift the money to teacher pay. Lets spend our education money on the front line with teachers, not for a bloated and non-productive education bureaucracy.

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