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Your first reaction was probably the same as mine. Clay Aiken? The singer? For Congress?
Then I met him.  He’s the same person you meet in his announcement video.  He’s smart, serious and genuine. He clearly has thought deeply about policy matters. He has a unique voice that is a breath of fresh air in a polluted political climate. And he has a genuine empathy for people that he has demonstrated as a YMCA counselor, a special education teacher, a foundation leader and a UNICEF representative overseas.
He’s kind of like Opie Taylor would have turned out if he’d had a big voice. Except he’s tougher than he looks.
Republicans predictably pushed the rewind button on their political mud machine. The haters and the homophobes crept out of their Internet cellars. Have at it. Aiken’s campaign feeds off their fuel – and the public’s disgust with it.
For Democrats, there’s a choice between competing theories of the race.
Keith Crisco’s theory is that he can peel off Republican voters in Randolph County. He says he did it when he ran for county commissioner in 1992. He lost, but he ran ahead of Governor Hunt and President Clinton.
Aiken’s theory is that he can mobilize a new wave of new and young voters. He can inject new energy, reshape the electorate and shake up the race.
There is a new generation of voters – and leaders – rising in North Carolina. They are idealistic and driven to make a difference. They are connected and engaged. If Democrats win them now, they can win with them for a long time to come.
The question for Democrats is which path is right for the future. Which helps Kay Hagan most this year and helps candidates for governor and President in two years. I think the answer is obvious. That’s why I’m for Clay.
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Anonymous User
# Anonymous User
Thursday, February 06, 2014 3:10 PM
# dap916
Thursday, February 06, 2014 3:52 PM
I see you've posted a link, Gary, showing us how you are mentioned on some other site for your presentation here. Great. Now you're going to have to go out and buy some new hats with a bigger hat size.

Look, no way on God's green earth would you EVER not be in support of Clay Aiken running. I mean your whole persona is liberal/progressive democrat. That's where you make your living for crying out loud. So, if you were to not give a thumbs up for Aiken, someone in your liberal/democrat circles might say something about suspecting you of not supporting him because he is gay. I mean, that would be a dagger in the eye for you...maybe a spear in the heart, even.

All of we conservatives knew the left would immediately play the "homophobe card" just as soon as anyone on the right said anything about him running. It was as inevitable for us as it was way back in 2007 that the "race card" was going to be played whenever anyone said anything negative about Obama running for president. It's just what you folks do. We know it. We haven't really found a way around it yet........but we will.
# Choo
Thursday, February 06, 2014 7:33 PM
I guess the first shot has been fired on Clay's war on women. It could and probably will get ugly. Clay should have moved to another district and gone after some man, no he wages a war on women. Renee can defend herself, but you just hate to see this kind of thing. I think Clay will be a little indirect, but the meaning will be the same, a woman can't represent the district.

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