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When you’ve got bad news, get it out. It only gets worse with age.
Pat McCrory’s new-look DENR failed that test last week, at a time when people were watching closely how the  administration would react to its first environmental crisis.

When three million-plus gallons of untreated sewage spewed into the Haw River, DENR told the city it could delay public notification until the spill was stopped and the actual extent of the spill was known.
Didn’t thirsty citizens downstream have a right to know a river of sewage was heading their way?

Pipes break, spills happen, and no governor can prevent them all. But governors are judged by how they react to breaks and spills. DENR’s delay was a missed opportunity for McCrory’s team to show they are serious about protecting the environment and serving every citizen.
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# dap916
Monday, February 03, 2014 7:44 PM
Yeah, I saw this on blog site a few days ago. Just one more example of you and James Protzman and you putting your collective radical socialist/liberal/progressive heads together to post negative stuff against the McCrory administration in North Carolina. You two are so cute. Here is the bluenc blog site post about this incident for reference so that everyone can see not only your trashing of McCrory for a chemical spill in the Haw River but James Protzman's input on it:

Because I am just a minion (even though I am a veteran poster here), anyone that wants to see this link will have to copy the link above and then paste it to their task line.

Oh, here's the real story on this Again, you will have to copy and paste it. Pearce does this so people have a hard time showing the truth against what he says here, don't be fooled by that.

Seems McCrory's DENR department is going to fine the city of Burlington for this incident and is making sure proper safeguards are put in place.

But hey....Gary won't tell you that. He'll just tell you some B.S. about how McCrory & Co. didn't act fast enough or do enough here. He has taken a lesson from the Chicago politicians when they say: "Never let a crisis go to waste in politics".

So sad. Just so sad.

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