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Some Republicans probably would like to get Sen. Bill (Mad Dog) Rabon a rabies shot - or get him fixed, if you know what I mean.
Rabon’s now-famous rant just shows that, in politics, the worst wounds are self-inflicted. Rabon diminished his own stature, put his bosses in an awkward spot and gave folks more reasons to despise the arrogance in the General Assembly.
This bone gives us a lot to chew on.
First we have a leading Senator cussing, bragging and boasting about how important he is. Real leaders never have to tell you how important they are.
Then Senate leaders say they’ll kill the bill because Mr. Powerful’s comments to his constituents were recorded and made public. That’s public policy by petulance.
Apparently, only powerful legislators have the right to speak. But you can’t tape them or quote them.
Then we have a Republican legislator suggesting that the Governor and First Lady broke the law by speaking up for the bill. (By the way, good for the McCrorys for caring about puppies. Now what about children whose families can’t get food stamps from DHHS?)
Senator Rabon did provide this interesting insight. He said McCrory asked him: “Well, Bill, what in the hell is wrong with a bill that just makes people feel good?”
Believe me, there is nothing in this episode that makes people feel good about their leaders in Raleigh.
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# dap916
Wednesday, January 29, 2014 4:33 PM
"Down Boy" would be proper to say to you on this issue as well, Gary. Look, Rabon is a republican and anything...absolutely ANYTHING that comes out that is negative about any republican legislator will ultimately find Gary Pearce posting something negative about it here on TAP. We understand that. We actually EXPECT it, Gary. But, this is FAR more important an issue than just the fact that some republican legislator ran out a ridiculous cussing-laced rant about a bill. I don't apologize for Rabon's language. He has already done that (but I too wonder if it was really a legitimate, heart-felt apology). He shouldn't have done that, it was unprofessional and if he pays at the polls for it, he will deserve it...okay?

This bill is not a good bill, okay? Let's get that straight. Rabon is correct that the bill could be used to go after the food-animal industry with the same regulation that the bill was meant to control the puppy mills. We all know that we have people that think that no animal should be used for food and look for every opportunity to go after the chicken and beef and turkey industries (and others) in a big way. This bill needs "tweeking"...then it would be a good bill. No way a bill that controls something like puppy mills and domestic animals can also cover food animals and the industry that is involved in them. It just isn't a good fit.

So, while it's fun for democrats such as yourself, Gary, to go all "ain't he a republican jerk" on this....let's not lose sight of the fact the bill in question is bad legislation.

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