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Don’t you suspect there’s an email to the effect of “Time for some voting problems for Democrats”?
Why else would 13 Republican legislators try to quash subpoenas for any documents they have related to the “rationale, purpose and implementation” of the state’s new voter ID law?
This, you recall, is the same crowd that promised greater openness and transparency in government. Then cheered when their allies at the Civitas Institute demanded emails, phone records and calendars from Gene Nichol, director of the school’s poverty center. Nichol’s sin is that he has been outspokenly critical of the Republican regime.
Now, I’ll grant you that Democrats were in power in Raleigh so long that they abused their power. But the Republicans are sure catching up fast.
Hypocrisy, as much as money, is the mother’s milk of politics.
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# dap916
Monday, January 27, 2014 2:29 PM
Nice to see you admit to the long period of democratic abuse of power in North Carolina. Refreshing.

But, what you're saying does sound a tad suspicious and hopefully the republicans won't try to get people to disregard their actions with the subpoenas by saying "hey, that's how democrats did it for decades". That will be a disappointment....even more of a disappointment at the lack of transparency you're talking about here. Politics is an evil animal, isn't it?

Now, with regard to this Voter ID law that you and your liberal/progressive democratic friends hate so much, what is it truly that you don't like about it? I mean, first it's because there has been little evidence of voter irregularities in NC where people that shouldn't have been voting actually did vote...but that one has mostly been dropped when it was pointed out by republicans that there is no way in the world anyone could know if there were such irregularities if there isn't a law that required people to prove who they were when they voted in the first place. Duh. Then, it was a bitch about how it was going to be unfair to poor people because they couldn't afford the cost of getting a legitimate ID but when it was revealed that the state of NC is providing acceptable ID's to anyone for free that could not afford them, that one went out the window. So, democrats went to what they always go to and that was playing the "race card". It isn't fair to ask for minority voters to have an acceptable voter ID because most of them have been unfairly discriminated against in the workplace and by republican policies on entitlements and can't afford to get them. Well, guess what, even minority voters can get a free ID. So, what will be the next reason democrats don't like the Voter ID law, Gary? Why not tell the truth and not be hypocritical about this law? I think most intelligent people know why democrats don't want people to have to prove who they are when they vote. I mean, if they don't have a problem with poor people and minorities having to have an ID to cash a check or get every kind of entitlement offered or get on an airplane or get a car tag renewed or use a credit card or a zillion other things in American life......why just a problem when voting?

# Reaganite
Monday, January 27, 2014 5:20 PM
Since Democrat AG Eric Holder is behind this lawsuit, maybe these legislators should just tell Holder that they will answer those subpoenas just as soon as Holder answers the Congressional subpoena for Fast and Furious documents that Holder has been ducking for a couple of years. If we had Congressional leaders with any backbone, Holder would be locked up for Contempt of Congress right now instead of loose filing politically motivated lawsuits like this one against North Carolina.

As usual with Democrats, from what I have heard from one group that received a subpoena, the Democrats are what is called in lawsuits a ''fishing expedition''. The Democrats not only want material relevant to the lawsuit, but also information that would help them in upcoming campaigns. It is a shameful abuse of the subpoena process by Holder and the Democrats.

Republicans are also doing it the right way by asking the court to quash the subpoenas, not like Holder who just flat out refused to comply with his subpoena.

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