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A TAPster who spent years working in economic development shares this:
“The most astonishing news last week (other than the daily calamities at DHHS) was the invitation we received via email to attend a fundraiser in Raleigh for the governor of South Carolina. Yes, the head sandlapper is coming to Raleigh to raise money at the behest of a Raleigh lobbyist.
“Why would any North Carolina lobbyist think this is a good idea and why would any North Carolinian attend and give money? Gov. Haley leads an administration that is agile and effective when recruiting new business and jobs to her state. She and her team are kicking North Carolina’s butt all over the place in the industrial recruiting wars, and won’t think twice about luring away our existing businesses, aggressively wooing our prospects with big incentive packages we can’t match, or starting the Civil War again if that seems necessary.
“What we need is a road block at South of the Border and a strong dose of reality in Raleigh.”
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# dap916
Tuesday, January 21, 2014 11:19 AM
We'll have to take your word that this so-called TAPster is 1) actually someone that is involved in our blog site here and 2) "spent years working in economic development". Me? Well, I'm betting both of those things are a bit over stated. But, hey, it's a free country and the 1st amendment says you can say anything you want (within reason, of course).

Just my 2 cents here, okay? What if there is an effort going on to get both North and South Carolina working together on economic development in "The Carolinas"? I mean, if I was wanting to do that as a North Carolinian, the first thing I'd probably do is to make an effort to show some friendship and to work with my "partner" South Carolina. Any effort like this has to start with a joint friendship and show of willingness to work together. And, I'd invite the movers and shakers...y'know?

Is that what's happening here? Not sure. But, sure looks like it could be to me.

Again, just my 2 cents. Of course, if someone wants to find a way to just be negative about this event (and anything else republicans are doing in our state), I guess they could just go the way of Gary Pearce here.
# Choo
Tuesday, January 21, 2014 6:45 PM
Putting aside the facts of what SHE the S.C. Gov is doing, I think Gary is a woman hater. She is a female gov. The good ole boy male dominated governor club can't have a female gov from S.C. Sure we had Bev. but she was our woman, and this woman is from another state. I think if she were black the hate would be even greater. I know this must be something that Democrats hate and work to destroy, a female governor from another state. Women should look long and hard at this kind of attack. It's OK if you wear pants and go after money in neighboring states, but keep out the skirts.

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