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The newspaper reporter asked if North Carolina’s Senate Primary was going to be the next litmus test of the Tea Party’s political muscle – and as fast as he could Greg Brannon’s campaign spokesman said ‘Yes’ then added the Primary was just like Senator Rand Paul’s election in Kentucky in 2010 and Senator Ted Cruz’s election in Texas in 2012.
“In those races, he said, you had a candidate that was handpicked and heavily supported by the DC establishment up against a Tea Party candidate supported by the grassroots. In both instances the grassroots candidate won big.”
Now, of course, you can’t fault Greg Brannon’s spokesman for wanting to get a step ahead of Thom Tillis – but what landed in the newspaper was only part of the story.
It’s true Rand Paul and Ted Cruz both won.
But on the way to winning they also raised a lot of money. Rand Paul with the help of his father’s supporters across the country. And Ted Cruz with the help of Senator Jim DeMint, who all but adopted him.
Here in North Carolina, so far, Greg Brannon and Mark Harris, who’re challenging Thom Tillis, have both been noticeably short of cash.
And that’s the big fact in the Senate race: No one, or at best only a handful of voters,  knows Greg Brannon. They don’t know he’s the next Ted Cruz. And he hasn’t had the money to change that. So the real fight in the Republican Primary isn’t between the Establishment and the Tea Party – it’s between Greg Bannon and his empty cash box.
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# Reaganite
Friday, January 17, 2014 1:58 PM
The Cruz race is indeed a good comparision. Cruz was heavily outspent by establishment empty suit David Dewhurst, but Cruz mobilized the grassroots and got his message out enough to make it a runoff. Then he clobbered Dewhurst. Brannon has the potential to do the same. Tillis is an even bigger empty suit than Dewhurst was.
# dap916
Friday, January 17, 2014 4:38 PM
I like Greg Brannon. I wanted to say that up front before posting anything further. Here's his Bio (you will have to copy the link then paste it to your browser because I'm not important enough to be given the ability here on the front page to post a "clickable" link):

He has a drawback, however. He's from California meaning he's not North Carolina born & bred, so that's going to be brought out by his primary republican opponents and then if he were to win, his democratic opponent for U.S. Senate. Yep, he's been in NC for eons and yep, he's a doctor and yep, he's a great guy and good conservative. But, hey, he's from California.

Think that won't play? I'm from California and I've lived in NC for over 42 years now and have developed wonderful friendships here. But, in many settings, I am not looked at as being "from here", so to speak. My friends have friends that they grew up with, played ball with, families knew families etc. And, I feel the difference in friendships and associations many, many times here because of that.

If not being a "native" North Carolinian is "played" against Brannon, it'll get some traction. It's easy to say "nah, we North Carolinians don't feel that way", but I know differently.

So, that's something to consider. Oh, and I disagree with one thing you said. You said that the real fight in the Republican Primary isn't between the Establishment and the Tea Party. Um...better check that, Carter.
Anonymous User
# Anonymous User
Saturday, January 18, 2014 8:28 PM

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