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Pat McCrory looked this week like a man urgently pushing the reset button. Like a politician who desperately wants to change course before he goes off a cliff.
So first he talked about teacher pay. Then he praised Jim Hunt. Then he was at the airport greeting President Obama, then in the audience listening to the President’s speech. While other Republicans bashed Obama, McCrory talked about a partnership with the White House,
But three people stand in the way of a reset: Aldona Wos, Phil Berger and Pat McCrory.
As long as Wos and DHHS stay in the headlines, McCrory will be stuck with the appearance of cronyism and ineptitude. As long as Berger wages ideological warfare on teachers, McCrory will be dragged down by the legislature’s abysmal poll ratings. As long as McCrory sticks with both of them, he won’t get back to what got him elected: an image as a moderate, bipartisan, can-do Mayor.
Bipartisan words and photo-ops won’t be enough. McCrory needs a bold stroke.  Two of them.
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# dap916
Friday, January 17, 2014 4:41 PM
I'm not going into some kind of diatribe responding to this, Gary. I have one thing to say to you about McCrory and that is McCrory is doing just fine, thank you. All your words aren't going to change least not for anyone with half a brain.
# wafranklin
Tuesday, January 21, 2014 4:34 PM
Well Pearce, Hunt seems ready to cozy up to Deputy Asst Governor McCroney and "hep" his cause - check ads for EI forum coming up? And Gov Hunt keeps saying, don't give to NCDP, give to (my) candidates. Sounds like sour grapes don't you think? Just cannot think why. Comfort to the enemy, my lord, what a prospect. Tell your good friend Hunt to quit giving aid to the enemy and let him sink. McCroney cannot do anything with the legislature unless Governor Pope allows and Stam genuflects -- aint going to happen. Them as runs with the dawgs gets fleas.

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