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Fearless Forecast: Obamacare won’t be a decisive issue in 2014, but Chris Christie’s bridge-gate will be in 2016.
That sounds backwards. After all, polls right here at home show that Obamacare is dragging down Senator Hagan. And the buzz is that Christie’s poll ratings are holding up and Republicans are rallying around him.
But both will change, and here’s why: Nobody understands Obamacare; it’s too complicated. By November, nobody will understand what Obamacare did or didn’t do. They won’t have the patience to read complicated analyses of the complex, confusing health-care system.
The only thing people understand about Obamacare is that the website didn’t work. That is something we get.
And everybody gets bullying and deliberately causing traffic jams. Plus, the media will never get tired of this story, especially since it reinforces an existing impression of Christie.

As for Christie’s “bounce,” remember that it took two years for Watergate to bring down Nixon. Republicans rallied around him at first. Then, like now, they were uniting against the “liberal media” more than for Nixon/Christie.

In politics, what's up today is likely to be down tomorrow. And vice versa.



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# dap916
Wednesday, January 15, 2014 4:20 PM
Yep...that's definitely a fearless forecast :-). "Obamacare won't be a decisive issue in 2014"??? Are you out of your freakin' mind? Obamacare will be THE issue in 2014. In North Carolina both Obama himself AND Obamacare will be the issue, especially for whoever runs against Hagan.

I just don't understand your reasoning in thinking this. Obamacare won't be an issue because it's too complicated? Um...Gary, have you totally lost it? That one thing about Obamacare alone will be the reason it will be a key issue. And, you're saying no one will read analysis of it because it's confusing and complex. Again...have you lost your mind? That's WHY people don't like it...and I think the republicans will make sure people won't have to analyze it because all they'll have to do is listen to what the GOP is saying about it over and over and over again. There are so many things wrong with Obamacare, they can do that by using various facts in different ads about the numerous downfalls of this failed law so that it won't get boring or monotonous.

I choose not to go there about Christie here because I would sound too much like a democrat (bleah!!!) when discussing the fat bastard (sorry!). If he becomes the republican standard bearer, I will choke. 'Nuff said.

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