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Democrats fondly hope that, when he comes to NCSU tomorrow, President Obama finally gets his economic message right.
He has struggled at that all five years in the White House. For all the good he has done, he has never done well at explaining what he’s doing.
In retrospect, maybe he should have spent his first year just driving home what a disaster George Bush left behind – and how difficult the road back would be. Instead, the Spock-like President went straight to what he was doing about the problem. And he got saddled from the get-go with the bailout and stimulus born by Bush & Co.
Ever since, he has struggled to balance hope with gloom-and-doom. He has tried different lines and tacks. (One reporter reminded me of his “Sputnik moment” theme; that never achieved liftoff.)
The President never had a simple phrase like New Deal or even Two Americas. He never had Bill Clinton’s gift for explaining stuff and feeling your pain.
The one time he and his team got the message right was in 2012 against Mitt Romney, and that was a negative message: Romney is a cruel bazillionaire who likes to fire people like you.
Now Obama gets a reset, in Raleigh and in his State of the Union. He better get it right this time. Otherwise, his message will be real simple in his last two years: this Republican Congress is screwing you.
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# dap916
Tuesday, January 14, 2014 3:36 PM
Wait a minute. Is this the same Gary Pearce that has sung the praises of President Obama's speaking ability? Such an orator! Oh, and so you truly want us to believe that Obama didn't REALLY spend his first year "just driving home what a disaster George Bush left behind"????? Really, Gary? We're not that stupid, man.

Obama's problem is trying to come up with a fabulously believable way to present total bull about the ACA (aka Obamacare) and the economy and unemployment raw numbers (not some made-up percentage) and education in America. Yeah....he'll use his "go to" bologna about race and he'll have some rare example of someone hungry or destitute because of "income inequality" know, that same old, same old rhetoric and spin that heretofore has worked pretty damn good for him. Problem is, his numbers are down big time and people are not burying their heads in the sand with regard to him so much anymore. Lies, deception and just plain old made-up facts and figures aren't gonna get it, I'm afraid.

Oh...and please...PLEASE....don't tell us why Kay Hagan isn't there in Raleigh to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Obama. I mean, we're gonna hear enough bull from Obama today as it is.
# Choo
Wednesday, January 15, 2014 12:54 PM
I would stay away from the George W. Bush thing, so many of the voters out there had jobs then and don't have them now, as well as the younger generation who lived at home then and now are looking work. I think it would be better if Obama said, government doesnt' create wealth or jobs, the private sector does that and I am going to get out of their way and let them produce jobs. I am also going to suspend Obama Care and let employers have enough stability to start back hiring. Then he can turn to Kay Hagan, wonder if she is related to Festus Hagan on Gunsmoke, and smile and she can stand and applaud. Oh she didn't show.

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