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The Watauga Wizard, Jerry Wayne Williamson, nails it: “McCrory Blocks Traffic on All Bridges Going into CD12.” Jerry adds in his Watauga Watch blog:
“(Congressman Mel Watt’s) resignation should have triggered a special election to fill his unexpired term in the U.S. House. But, no, Gov. McCrory decided that the seat could be filled on November 4, 2014, along with every other seat in Congress. In other words, citizens of the 12th Congressional District will have no representation in Congress for the next 300 days. Well, after all, those people are mainly black and didn't vote for McCrory. Who the hell cares whether they have a congressman for 2014?”
In light of Chris Christie’s Bridgegate, you wonder what a public records request might unearth here.  Maybe an email along the lines of: “Time for some problems in Mel Watt’s district.”
Another 12th District resident asked: “Would McCrory have done the same if it was a safe GOP seat?” You know the answer.
For McCrory, this was an opportunity to do the right thing for the people he was elected to serve. Instead, he did the politics-as-usual thing.
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# dap916
Monday, January 13, 2014 3:31 PM
McCrory is being a good conservative leader for our state doing what he can to reduce excessive costs to the counties. He has no agenda here, Gary. This seat is going to be filled by a liberal democrat (even you admit the district has a high percentage of minorities)regardless. So, what you're trying to make folks believe here is nonsense. And, you have no clue whether or not McCrory would have filled the seat if it would have been "republican-safe". "You know the answer"...really, Gary? How about if I say this: "if this was a democratic governor and he decided to not fill the position and let it be decided on in the general election, would Gary Pearce be saying it was all about politics and the wrong thing to do? You know the answer".

The 12th won't go 300 days without representation because whoever would have been put in there would have had to use some months to learn what the heck he/she was doing and then we all know congressmen only "serve" about half the time anyway.

It's a prudent move. But, the lib/progressive/democrats look night and day to find anything they can to trash this governor, so what you've put here is not unexpected. Ridiculous...but not unexpected.
# Choo
Monday, January 13, 2014 10:45 PM
I could send McCrory an e-mail saying, Way to go Guv, it worked, no representation in Mel's district. Then all the Democrats could jump on it and run. Wouldn't make any difference if it was a lie, you know you can't unring a bell kind of thing. Who cares about doing the right thing or anything else to help the state, lets just destroy OLD MAC.

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