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In a speech a couple of weeks ago the President urged Congress to get moving and pass his bill to extend unemployment benefits then, climbing up on his rhetorical high horse, he added that paying unemployment benefits “is one of the most effective ways to boost the economy” – which sounded a little odd, like the President was saying to boost the economy we need more unemployed.
Of course, the President didn’t mean it that way at all – but still, in another way, it shows how much faith the President has in the government spending money.
No doubt, most folks would agree Congress spending $25 billion to pay unemployment benefits to help needy families keep body and soul together is a necessary but unfortunate burden. But the President goes a step further:  The way he sees it, if unemployment goes down we win – but if it goes up we win too. Because paying more benefits will boost the economy.
That kind of thinking could land a fellow in the poor house.
Instead, it looks like paying unemployment benefits is like providing life support to a fellow who’s in the hospital. Keeping the respirator going keeps him alive. But it isn’t curing him. And any doctor who tells him he’s in a win-win situation missed the boat.
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# dap916
Friday, January 10, 2014 3:30 PM
This is all a big ruse, Carter. Government is already putting out $85 billion of new, printed money into our economy every single month via their program of "Quantitative Easing". This is being done to supposedly keep the interest rates low so people can buy homes and businesses can expand and more money is in our economy keeping it "healthy"...which is only artificial and short term of course. Another $25 billion (and that's not per month) to pay unemployment benefits for people on LONG TERM unemployment isn't going to do much for the economy, if anything at all.

The whole point to this is to continue to maintain a large voting constituency for the democrats on the public dole. That is the ONLY goal the liberal/progressive/democrats have here. They want to make this extension for people ALREADY extended that don't find work and then they're going to have to come up with another extension for these same people...over and over again...and the end result is that we will have a permanent class of unemployment receivers just like we have a huge permanent class of welfare and food stamp receivers and medicaid receivers.

Are there incidents where there are people that truly need an extension? You bet and those should be identified on a strict case-by-case basis. But, only an idiot thinks that the taxpayers should pay for people not to work for up to (or even more than) two years. We hear about the unemployment figure being down significantly and we hear about the economy improving from the president. I'm sorry that there aren't $20/hr. jobs for everyone out there for 40-hour work weeks. That's unfortunate. But, it's not the taxpayer's fault and if people have to struggle a little and work a little harder just like we did when times were bad for us as we were growing up and raising families, that's the way it is in America. You roll up your sleeves, suck it up if everything isn't going exactly your way, and you make it through perseverance and hard work. I expect that from my fellow Americans...just like my previous Americans expected it from us.

I don't know any other way to put it. And, other than just a minority of radically severe liberal/progressive types in our country, I'm betting the majority of the people in America feel the exact same way I do.
# Choo
Friday, January 10, 2014 10:40 PM
Real convoluted thinking by the president, that is if it's thinking at all. Almost like while paddling my canoe a wheel fell off and I almost ran over a squirll but lucky thing ice cream doesn't have any bones in it so it all worked out. Wonder if that logis says anything about the audience. The people spending unemployment money while unemployed, is all printed money not earned, is like putting all that spending on a Visa that one day may have to be paid back. Or we can just have huge inflation.

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