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Governor McCrory is in a box on teacher pay, and Democrats can’t let him wriggle out.
You don’t need to be a political genius to predict what’s coming. McCrory will try to make a big splash by proposing a pay raise for teachers this year. He has to. He and the Republican legislature have angered and alienated teachers, all educators, school board members, students, parents, Democrats and Republicans.
So they’ll try to do damage control in the May legislature. Call it "the Teacher Pay Shuffle." Probably a one-year raise and a vague promise about the future. (They’ll say they can’t do more because of Medicaid. Which they’ll blame on Bev Perdue, Obamacare and Benghazi.)
Unfortunately, Jim Hunt beat them to the punch. His op-ed Sunday made it clear than one-year-and-a-promise isn’t enough. There has to be a four-year commitment to reach the national average, which is where we were in Hunt’s fourth term.
Hunt set the bar that McCrory has to meet. Again.
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# dap916
Thursday, January 09, 2014 3:54 PM
I tend to agree with both Gary and his hero Jim Hunt here on teacher's pay for North Carolina. This is a change of heart in a way for me. Looking at the "Cost of Living Index" for major cities all around the country, Raleigh comes in at 98.2% when ranking all things even as being 100%. That actually means absolutely nothing unless you look at how it compares to all of the other major cities. Overall..., our cost of living here is equal to or higher than most major cities in the U.S. There are the obvious exceptions like L.A. and San Fran and so forth on the top side and then some other cities on the severe low side. But, point is that we here in NC have a cost of living that would seem to favor making sure our teachers here receive at least the national average for teacher's pay and bennies. Now, the question is: how do we pay for a nice increase for our teachers? I think that's the hold up within the McCrory camp on this (he IS a conservative republican, remember?). They want to give teachers a nice pay raise but they want it paid for without just one more tax increase or some other revenue scheme that would ultimately hurt our citizens and businesses.

Hopefully I am correct in this analysis on the situation.

Now, um, on another note, Gary...I know you hate it that democrat Bev Perdue was probably one of the worst governors in our state's history and I know you hate it that we continue to hear about the horrible failings of Obamacare and I know you truly do want that troublesome little Benghazi scandal to just kind of fade away and be forgotten...but, making ludicrous statements about how republicans use these things as reasons things you want to happen aren't happening only keeps them in people's minds. It's doing your side more harm than good. But hey, if you want to keep bringing those things up...go for it, my man.

Seems only our "anonymous user" here and Gary and Carter have the ability to post a link here that you can just click on to access the web page it is representing so I'm putting a link here about cost of living for major U.S. cities and you'll have to copy it and then past it to your browser line. I put it here as proof of what I'm saying about North Carolina cost of living. I'm just a peon here and probably won't ever have the ability to post what I call "clickable links"...sorry y'all.
# dap916
Thursday, January 09, 2014 3:58 PM
Cost of Living in North Carolina is at or above the national average. Here is the link...again, you'll need to copy it then paste it to your browser to access the site.

# Reaganite
Thursday, January 09, 2014 4:24 PM
North Carolina living costs are NOT at the national average. Many other occupations in North Carolina do not pay at the national average. Why should teachers be any different?

More significantly, the Democrats frequently gave teachers higher pay raises than other state employees. That is an outrage, but is done simply because teachers quasi-unions support Democrats. In politics, it is called payola. All state employees ought to be fed out of the same spoon when it comes to pay raises.
# dap916
Monday, January 13, 2014 11:51 AM
Hate to "argue" with my man "R" here, but um...did you look at that link I posted? And, when was the last time teachers got a pay raise?

Just sayin', my man. Time for a teacher's raise. I agree with McCrory & Co., though. Any increase in teacher's pay needs to be "paid for" through either increased revenue into the state from one source or another and/or cutting out waste and corruption costs in the state expenditures.

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