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A “record-high 42 percent of Americans identify as Independents: Republican identification lowest in at least 25 years," Gallup breathlessly tells us. But those numbers may obscure the truth about politics today.
It’s not that four in 10 Americans swing bath and forth between the two parties – carefully studying the issues, judiciously judging the candidates and preparing to, as they say, “vote the man, not the party.”
It’s that politics and politicians are so hated today that people don’t want the stigma of being a “Democrat” or “Republican.”
Most “Independents” toe the party line one way or the other. True swing voters are rare. And they’re hard to reach. They are people, women especially, who don’t trust Democrats on money issues and don’t trust Republicans on moral issues.
Given the gulf between the parties today, it’s hard to conceive of an informed voter who doesn’t vote consistently with one party or the other.
“Informed” is the operative word here. If someone is truly undecided, they’re probably truly uninformed. And probably tuning out politicians.
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# dap916
Wednesday, January 08, 2014 6:54 PM
Yeah...I saw those pie charts about independents on BlueNC. At least you didn't try to include them in your little presentation here. Thank Goodness for that!

Look, Gary. We all know that if things stay the same politically in NC in November this year, democrats are gonna get an ass kicking in the 2014 NC mid-terms. If, somehow, the media, Obama and the national Democratic party are able to come up with enough rhetoric and spin and innuendo and are able to get it out there to the general public...North Carolina might not go any more conservative/right than it has already.

My point is, you've got hope....such that it is.

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