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Americans are so polarized politically, we argue about Christmas and Santa Clause’s race. I propose a truce. And I’m going first.
Through a blessed accident of calendar, Christmas and New Year’s Day are on Wednesdays this year. That effectively wrecks two work weeks.
Good riddance.
But let’s go farther. Like German and British soldiers in World War I, let’s declare a Christmas truce. Theirs lasted only one day; let’s go for two weeks.
We need a break. 2013 was a year of bitter battles – nationally and in North Carolina. And 2014 will be even worse with elections.
So I’m suspending blogging until Monday, January 6. No picking on Governor McCrory and the Republicans. No ridiculing Fox News and the Tea Party.
(Unless, of course, something or somebody REALLY provokes me. You’ve been warned.)
I’m also going off the grid. No surfing political sites and trolling for snark and checking who’s naughty and nice. No obsessing over today’s news.
President Obama is in Hawaii. Congress has gone home. Governor McCrory went to the beach.
Let’s all give it a break. And pick it up in two weeks.
So, depending on your politics and your preference: Merry Christmas. Or Happy Holidays.
To blue and red, to left and right, to Ds and Rs and Is alike, enjoy your time with family and friends, watch movies and football, savor food and drink and – hard as it is to believe – remember that what unites us as Americans and fellow travelers in this life is far greater than what divides us.

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# dap916
Monday, December 23, 2013 2:15 PM
Count me in!

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