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Every child knows just before Christmas is the time to be ‘as good as you can be’ – so you might think after the mischief it’s been up to this year Congress would be rolling up its sleeves and planning to work straight through the holidays to pass the farm bill, a jobless benefits bill, the defense budget and confirm a new Federal Reserve Chairman – but you’d be dead wrong.
The House stops work tomorrow to head home and the Senate (which already took a week off earlier this month) will follow a few days later. In all, the two chambers will have worked 10 days each this month.
What are the chances they’ll be receiving ashes and switches for Christmas?
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# dap916
Friday, December 13, 2013 5:22 PM
Well, I'll tell ya, Carter. Before I retired, if I had a job that I could pretty much name my own salary and got almost as much in the way of perk money as I did salary, I'd have been elated. If I knew that I didn't have to worry about profit & loss (the bottom line) or having to stay within a very tight budget because there was a never-ending stream of money guaranteed to be available for everything and anything I needed as well as my salary and my staff's salary and benefits and if I could work however many days I chose to in any given week or month...hell, I'd only work 10 days a month also.

Why do you think these Congresspeople and Senators want to stay in office? Aside from maybe playing professional sports, being a D.C. legislator has got to be the best job in America.

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