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Politics 101 used to say that getting in the news was good for politicians. Not today.
The new rule is: If you’re in the spotlight, you’re losing. The more you’re in the news, the lower your poll ratings.
When the government shutdown dominated Page 1, Republicans plummeted in the polls. When Obamacare took over the headlines, Obama took a hit. Now Obamacare coverage has cooled, and Obama’s national numbers have ticked up.
Same for Kay Hagan. She was up when the news focused on the shutdown, then down during the Obamacare frenzy.
Same thing in Raleigh. When the legislature was in town, its approval ratings fell. Now that Governor McCrory is the lead story, his numbers are down.
Why? Because voters hate politicians. The more they see of them, the more they hate them. And they’re cynical about government. They don’t believe government can do anything right.
At the same time, the news media has laid off staff and cut back routine coverage of government. Scandals and foul-ups get far more attention than the new initiatives politicians love to tout.
Governor McCrory thought he would get applause for “fixing” Medicaid and DHHS. Instead, he and Secretary Vos got roasted. Same for his Department of Commerce reorganization; coverage will focus on the flaws and faults.
Come next November’s election, the loser will be whoever is in the spotlight.
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# dap916
Wednesday, December 11, 2013 2:32 PM
That's pretty much accurate, Gary. Problem with it, of course, is that it tells us that it's the media that picks and chooses the winners and losers in our elections these days. I've been saying that for years now and I'm elated to see this post here from you acknowledging it to be true.

Sad testament for the election process in America, don't you think? Sure, I know the media has always had some influence on our political process. But, today, the media has almost ALL of the influence on it. Obama got elected almost totally because of the media...and yeah, I know you will want to disagree with that, but, it's true nonetheless. "Dumplin'" was run out of office because of the non-stop reporting of her failures and about complaints against the governor's office (it's not always one-sided).

The major news networks, save just a few like Fox News, are predominantly left-leaning. That's not only true nationally but also true right here in our fair state of North Carolina. We conservatives in North Carolina have one saving grace and that is that we have a large contingent of conservative voters here that listen to the EIB radio broadcasts (conservative radio) and most folks here have access to Fox News via cable and satellite...and, do watch it. In addition, even though you present every liberal columnists' presentation against McCrory and republicans that the News & Observer and other fish wraps put out, not all that many people other than the dead-head, mainstream liberals in our state actually read those papers and even those that aren't mainstream "progressives" that do read it, read things other than the front page and/or skewed/slanted presentations against our current majority republican leadership in Raleigh. Conservatives are seldom influenced by radical liberal rants and skewed facts and figures presented in an effort to sway voter's opinions.

The pendulum does swing back and forth politically in America...that's for sure. If it didn't, we wouldn't see the constant change in political power in Washington and elsewhere all across our nation. It's a constant, ever-changing thing. Personally, I hope it stays that way. Obama is working hard toward a dominant single party and agenda. The press is working hard trying to help make that happen. Hopefully they aren't successful. If they are, we'll lose America as we have known it forever.
# Choo
Wednesday, December 11, 2013 8:27 PM
Folks will always hate politicians when too much government destroy's the previous better economy. Should not be too much of a problem making everyone believe that the out of power Republicans wrecked the economy. Amazing what George Bush can do from retirement in 8 years. Funny too how on the national scene, the out of power Bush has destroyed the economy, and the in power McCroy, for less than a year on the state scene has destroyed the economy.

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