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This from our Shameless Self-Promotion Department:
Carter and I did an interview with Don Gonyea, National Political Correspondent for NPR.  Part of it ran in a story about Senator Kay Hagan’s reelection race. 
And I was interviewed on Chris Fitzsimon’s News & Views on WRAL-FM. It’s on the NC Policy Watch website.
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# dap916
Tuesday, December 10, 2013 6:16 PM
It's no secret that NC Policy Watch is a left-leaning site that for the most part puts out mostly anti-conservative, anti-republican commentary as well as relaying anti-conservative, anti-republican rhetoric from people such as yourself, Gary. It also shows any story that could be construed as negative toward the republican party of NC and any of its elected officials. It skews information so as to make the anti-conservative stances look more "real" and believable. It hides information that the editors don't want people to see that shows very different information from what they're offering up to the "choir" they preach to. Any people that read the front page of TAP that lean left/progressive/liberal (whatever the word of the day is) will read your interview and get a tingle up their leg. It really means very little, Gary, because the rest of us know it's mostly bullski (That's Russian :-).

I noticed that there wasn't any interview of any person in our state from the republican/conservative side with the same so-called qualifications you were said to have by Policy Watch.

Yeah, we repubs have our own biased sites that preach to their own choir, of course. But, I don't see Carter showing them here. I think that's because he knows even we conservatives know that it would be just spewing one side of the true equation on most issues with a lot of skewing and twisting the truth themselves.

I'm happy you have a "following" Gary. It obviously feeds your ego because you have no problem making sure everyone sees it when someone or some sources shines their light on you. Reminds me of the song my grand daughter sings when she comes over to the house after going to "children's church"...It goes: "This little light of mine...I'm gonna let it shine.........". :-)

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