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Governor McCrory’s response to the now-famous Taylor Batten column is worth a close read. After all, it was headlined: “Here’s where my attention really is.”
First off, there is not one word in his 397-word essay about public schools or teachers.
Then, he said, “North Carolina is poised for an economic revival” and noted the 8 percent unemployment rate. But today’s numbers show that unemployment is down across the nation. If the Governor takes credit for North Carolina, does he give President Obama credit for the national economy?
McCrory said: “Since this time last year, North Carolina has gained approximately 80,000 jobs.” But a letter to the N&O noted that, in November, the state’s own figures showed that total employment had dropped by 13,000 jobs.
Then, taxes. The Governor said, “Starting on Jan. 1, the income tax rate will go down for every North Carolina taxpayer….North Carolinians will see more money in their paychecks next year.”
Here’s the big question. What will voter say next November when Democrats recall the Governor’s words and ask: Did you get a tax cut?
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# Choo
Friday, December 06, 2013 5:59 PM
If you like the national employment numbers you can keep those numbers. I can't imagine any clear thinking person anywhere who would believe any statistic coming out of Washington. If the white house released numbers tomorrow telling how many fingers and toes the average person had, I would not believe anything they said. That employment game has been twisted and turned so many times, between part timers, those who just quit looking and several other games they play, I don't think I would bet my house or anything else on numbers provided from anywhere within ten thousand miles of Washington DC. Does the word creditibility come to mind.
# dap916
Friday, December 06, 2013 7:31 PM
Okay, so first...what made that Taylor Batten column you're referring to "famous"???? Famous for who? I'm about as much a politico as anyone I know but this is my first exposure to that "now-famous" column. Most people that come to the front page here, Gary, know that things aren't the way you say they are just because you say they are. Geeezzzzz...give us a break, Pearce. We're not school children here.

Second, it's just simply silly to use a "letter-to-the-editor" as somehow being a source of legitimacy when making a negative presentation about any politician or public figure in our fair state.

Third...and this is very important that you understand that we viewers here on TAP (you know...we TAPsters) don't buy the "slight-of-hand" you're posting here in your last little paragraph. The Governor said "the income tax rate will go down". You are asking voters here next November to ask themselves: "Did you get a tax cut?". The governor was talking about state income tax rate for NC citizens...that's it. You know that. NC citizens might very well have to pay more in taxes on many different levels and on many different things. So, you're mixing up the information...doing what liberal democrats do best...lying by being deceptive.

Most of us here know what you're up to. Any of those you want to deem "TAPsters" that are of the radical liberal/progressive ilk that believe every word you put here won't see what's being done to them by you. And, that's just the way you like it.

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