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A TAPster who pays attention to politics and high school football notes that James Hunt High and Terry Sanford High played each other in the first round of the state 3AA football playoffs.
The Hunt Warriors beat the Sanford Bulldogs 35-21 on November 15. Since then, Hunt has also beaten West Brunswick and Douglas Byrd to reach the regional files tomorrow night against Southern Durham.
Knowing both men, it’s hard to imagine that either team’s players could compete harder than their namesakes. And the mascots are on the money.
Do you think there’ll ever be a James Martin High vs. Pat McCrory High game?
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# dap916
Thursday, December 05, 2013 11:39 AM
Wow! You need to post that on and, my man. I mean, that's a real zinger ya got there, Pearce. It's difficult to tell if you actually posted that as a "for real" message for your brain dead radical liberal/progressive followers (TAPsters, as you call them) or as just something tongue-in-cheek. Either way...BlueNC and Kos would give ya a whole bunch of "likes" and stuff. Go for it.


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