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So long as politicians exercise – and abuse – power, we need the press and professors around to question power. But it looks like Republicans in Raleigh want to shut down questions and shut up critics.
This after Governor McCrory promised to run an open, transparent administration.
First, McCrory’s highly paid PR flacks say they aren’t being paid enough to fulfill their legal obligation to provide public records – that is, records about how our government is working and how our tax money is being spent. No, they want to charge extra for that.
Then, McCrory’s political allies at the Civitas Institute demanded emails from Gene Nichols, a UNC law professor who is prone to castigating the Republicans. Maybe Nichols, like the Governor’s flacks, should charge Civitas a few thousand dollars for his time and trouble.
Suspicious minds wonder whether the next story will be about pressure on UNC to get rid of Nichols. (“Will no one rid me of this troublesome professor?”)
Which would be a modern reprise of the Speaker Ban Law. Which will damage the reputation of North Carolina’s universities. Which will discourage bright, entrepreneurial people from coming to North Carolina.
History is replete with the shattered careers of puffed-up politicians who tried to silence their critics. Whatever short-term gains McCrory & Co. think they’re getting here, they will pay a high price down the road. That’s a truth they can’t suppress.
The question is whether any Republican leader in Raleigh realizes how wrong-headed – and ultimately self-defeating – this course is.
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# dap916
Monday, December 02, 2013 2:05 PM
Gary, one of my grand daughters graduated from UNC Chapel Hill. I get an ear full from here every time she's with us because she has been brainwashed by just so many professors she had classes with. I mean, let's be honest here, Gary. Any professor at UNC that talked about the virtues of fiscal restraint and people being responsible for themselves and less government involvement in people's lives and how all voters in our state should provide an ID to prove they're registered to vote and so forth would be ridiculed and rejected by the vast majority of his/her peers there. It's expected in just so many universities today for the professors and the administration officials to be leftwing. You can provide me with exceptions to that, but anyone with half a brain won't buy it as proving that what I've said isn't true.

You obviously didn't attend any university/college. If you did, you wouldn't have made the following mistake in English: "Which would be a modern reprise of the Speaker Ban Law. Which will damage the reputation of North Carolina’s universities. Which will discourage bright, entrepreneurial people from coming to North Carolina."

Those are incorrect sentences. If you don't know why, ask one of your "progressive" professors.

I don't take issue with you saying McCrory should be more transparent. I think that would be a very good thing. He should explain why he is for less government expenditure and he should explain to the people in our state why the democrats that say he has reduced the education budget is incorrect. He should spend less time with photo ops at businesses that are now coming into our state and businesses already here that are expanding and put out more press releases about those good things for our state that the NC media sources can put out for everyone to read/hear.

Is McCrory doing everything correctly? Nope. I still support him. It's exactly like you, Mr. Pearce, who still supports Obama even though you know much of what he has done and is currently doing is wrong for America.

Get it? Good.
# Reaganite
Monday, December 02, 2013 2:42 PM
McCrory is running a much more open administration than Barack Hussein Obama, and he is not abusing executive powers like Barack Hussein Obama.

Attacking McCrory, rather than Obama, on these subjects is just pure partisan mudslinging, or as it is called in North Carolina ''blueprinting'' (from the hard left's Blueprint scheme to smear Republicans).
# Choo
Monday, December 02, 2013 6:50 PM
Isn't it funny how a right wing columinist like Ann Coulter can get heckled and even attached by pie throwing students. Other right wing speakers can be refused the right to speak on campus. At graduation conservatives need not apply. But just let the right complain about a communist and the old 60's speaker ban attempt becomes the topic dejour. The left trashed that we are tolerant facade years ago. They are now just a hate filled idology. Keeps things real basic. Us against them.

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