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Since I’ve been rough on Governor McCrory – and will be again – I’m providing equal time today to a TAPster who makes a valid point:
“Here’s one vote to stop harassing Governor McCrory over expenditures to make the mansion a modern, livable home. In fact, those of us who care about the state should insist that our political leaders take care of our property and repair state buildings before they become termite-infested piles of debris held together with spitballs.
“The mansion is a state treasure. Like most state buildings, it isn't maintained properly. Let's face it, the mansion's potty repair budget is a drop in the bowl, and the chief executive of the country's 10th largest state should have a toilet that works properly, especially when he has to live in the joint for security reasons.
“The crazy political extremists have made it impossible for our leaders to lead, even when it comes to a mundane plumbing project. Let's get our heads out of the toilet and focus instead on the really important stuff before our state's enviable national reputation is flushed into history.”
Of course, I’d argue that McCrory and the Republican legislature is doing a fine job of flushing away our reputation. All the more reason they should have working bathrooms.
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# Choo
Saturday, November 09, 2013 10:35 PM
Why go soft now... Potty politics promotes proper pranksters. Alliteration for the illiterate....

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