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Rob Christensen wrote a tribute to Jack Hawke and in it mentioned hardball politics and Jack’s run-in with the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice – there’s more to the story: During Senator Helms’ 1990 campaign, when Jack was Republican Chairman, I asked him for a favor – to work with me on a ballot security program. He did. Then I made a mistake, bungled the program, and landed both of us in a mess with a tribe of very hard-hearted lawyers from Washington.
Now, most folks, after doing you a good turn and landing in a mess through no fault of their own, would have been, well, unhappy.  But Jack never said one unkind word about my landing him in the soup.
In politics it’s business as usual for folks to take different sides in campaigns, cudgel one another, then nurse hard feelings and grudges that last decades.
Sometimes, when people get older, the affliction of grudges passes. But in others cases it just goes on and on.
Jack had no capacity for grudges at all. And it was a pretty fine virtue.
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# jack-of-all-thumbs
Monday, November 11, 2013 8:34 AM
Takes a big person, especially in political circles, to bring up his own failing, and a twenty-year old one at that. Hat tip to Mr. Wrenn. Please keep providing us perspective on today's politics.

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