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Don’t spike the ball too early, Democrats. The Tea Party may be a taste of what’s ahead for our party.
Last weeks’ Armageddon – or maybe, “Armadebtaggon” – looks now like a disaster for the GOP. The episode turned Americans and many Republicans against the Cruz crusaders.
But the Republican civil war may be a sign of where all American politics is heading in our polarized, high-octane, cable-news-addled politics. Cruz & Co. could just inflame Democratic hard-liners who are fed up with the two-decade-long Clinton-Obama search for elusive middle ground.
Remember when Obama ran for President in 2008 promising – in the words of Richard Nixon – to “bring us together,” to overcome the divisions of red America and blue America?
Five years later, he wins a much-needed victory by refusing to compromise. Hardball trumped sweet reason.
In the wake of battle, we hear high-minded statements about “moderation” and “working together.” A safer bet is more hardball – from both sides. Strap on your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.
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# Choo
Tuesday, October 22, 2013 12:50 AM
Do anything Republicans, but don't throw me in the briarpatch. Yes some of them are dumb enough to fall for that line, but Obama care is going to be a hard one for your buddies in the press to clean up. I can just hear the spin now. " Paying a lot more for healthcare will make people more responsible". Here is another good one. "Not working 40 hours gives you more time to spend with the family, and that's very good". The last straw one is, "it's George Bush's fault". A good 80's tune is " No where to run to, baby, got no where to hide". Need to play that at the DNC meetings.

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