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Well, Gary, I watched President Clinton on Fox News the other night and it was like old times not forgotten. He said four times he wanted to kill Osama bin Laden and it was sort of a shock hearing the words, “We tried to kill him,” come out of anyone’s mouth quite so bluntly. He even had me convinced until I remembered him saying, “That depends on what the definition of is, is.”

Anyway, he said one other thing that was interesting. He said if he’d invaded – I’m not sure if he meant in Afghanistan, Iraq or both – he’d have twice as many troops there as President Bush.  Personally, with our generals in Iraq saying they can’t win without more men I think he may be right. But, I’m wondering how the idea of sending more soldiers to fight overseas is going to sit with Democratic voters in the primaries next year when Hillary runs for President? It’ll be interesting to see how ‘The Clinton Playbook’ explains that.

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