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I opened the newspaper yesterday morning and stared at a picture of a lonely fellow standing in front of the Lincoln Memorial, putting up a sign that said: Closed.
The headline above the picture said: “Government starts shutting down” – and the story explained Social Security checks will be late, parks shuttered, and 800,000 workers furloughed.
But, then, on the same page, another headline announced: “Raleigh gets another $15 million” – from Washington to build its new train station.
The government’s closing the Lincoln Memorial and giving Raleigh $15 million?
Something’s not quite right here.
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Mark Turner
# Mark Turner
Wednesday, October 02, 2013 5:05 PM
Just can't keep from taking a dig at the train again, can you Carter?
# Choo
Wednesday, October 02, 2013 8:11 PM
Here's a good story. All the outdoor monuments are closed off with movable barricades, while the government shutdown is in place. People can't walk up to the Lincoln monument and look at the statue of Lincoln setting in the chair. ABC, NBC, CBS, or no other main stream media organization sees this as spite. Lets stop a bunch of old WWII vets from walking up to a monument. I'll bet they hate the Republicans even more for that. I guess a giant bag pulled down over the Washington Monument so no one can see it is next. We better hurry up and get those nonessential workers back on the job, or we will miss out on a bunch of non-essential stuff.

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