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After Tea Party candidates rolled to victory in 2010 they headed for Congress to cut spending, and late one night, six months later, President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner announced they’d made a deal to pass the biggest annual spending cut in history.
Now, two years later, it turns out the cuts were an illusion: Most of the spending that got killed, the Washington Post reports, was already dead – because President Obama and Speaker John Boehner cut money that was never going to be spent. They ‘cut’ $14.6 million that had been authorized to build the Capital Visitor Center – which had already been built. They ‘cut’ $375,000 that had been authorized for a road that didn’t exist. And cut $6 billion that had been authorized to pay for the Census in 2011 – but the Census ended in 2010.
A former Obama official also told the Post that both sides, both the President and the House Leaders, knew what they were calling cuts were simple authorizations that were never going to be spent.
The Tea Partiers got fusselled.
As Congressman Mick Mulvaney ruefully explained, looking back, “Many of the cuts…were smoke and mirrors. That’s the lesson from April 2011: That when Washington says it cuts spending, it doesn’t mean the same thing that normal people mean.”
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clarence swinney
# clarence swinney
Wednesday, February 13, 2013 11:10 AM
Each significant Recession since WWII was under a Republican President
Each significant stock market crash was under a Republican President
Stock market crashes 10-19-87—1980/81--1991/92--2001-2008
Since 1980, each (10) military foreign involvement was under a Republican President
Significant Economic Legislation that created Crashes occurred under a Republican Congress.
Except under Clinton.
Nafta—Repeal of Glass Steagall—Modernization of Commodities markets—China Free Trade-
Six years of Republican Total Control of Government.
Budget 2000--1800
Budget 2009--3500
Budget 2013--3800
Deficit 2000—240 Surplus
Deficit 2009---1400
Deficit 2013---900(budgeted)
Debt 2000-----5800
Debt 2009-----11,900
Debt 2013-----16,400
The sound of Wealth redistribution to top 10%
The sound of industries shipped overseas
The sound of a Great Recession
clarence swinney

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