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War’s broken out in Raleigh.
The Republican County Commissioners launched a blitzkrieg, hiring a lobbyist (for $25,000) to get the Republican legislature to redraw the districts of the Democratic School Board members – then the Democratic School Board struck back (to keep their districts) by spending four times as much ($100,000) to hire their own lobbyist.
Politically, it’s an all-out war. But, so far, the only casualties are taxpayers.  
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# dap916
Tuesday, February 12, 2013 10:54 AM
Posted 2/12/13 10:50am

So, what I'm getting from what you're saying here is that the commissioner's board and the school board can just take this taxpayer money with no approvals or oversight for what they use it for? Good God, y'all.

I wonder how this will be presented by the likes of the N&O and other media in our state. In my opinion, we citizens "hire" our public servants (commissioners, board members etc.) to work these things out themselves. A trained monkey could serve in those posts if all you had to do is spend taxpayer money for outside agents to do the "dirty work". This is absurd.

If things go as usual with our press these days in our fair state, this will get a page 5 mention in the daily fish wraps and might possibly be a sideline story on some local TV channels. Thanks for covering that here for us, Carter.

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