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Didn’t we see this movie in the Sixties? The President and his aides huddle over maps and pick targets. Jets drop bombs or drones launch missiles. Our enemies die. So do innocent civilians. The natives hate us and we make more enemies.
As Congressman Walter Jones asks: Why are we still in Afghanistan?
Drones in the air are no doubt better than boots on the ground – and more brave Americans in hospitals and cemeteries. It’s better to kill Al Qaeda operatives before they kill us.
But there remains something deeply unsettling about President Obama sitting in the White House and picking who dies, especially as the unintended casualties and consequences mount and Americans wonder what we’re still doing there.
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# dap916
Saturday, February 09, 2013 6:08 PM
Yes, Gary. Yes, Yes, Yes. Excellent. "Why are we still in Afghanistan". That's the question, isn't it? I mean, that endeavor is costing us a massive amount of money. That endeavor is not achieving anything. That endeavor is costing American lives. It's ludicrous. That was definately something the Bushster got us invoved in...and I know the Obamaman continues to use that fact to make us believe it's not him but Bush that is the cause of why we're still there...but, hey...I'm not an idiot. You?

Drones? Oh, well, unless the media goes after Obama for using's all good, y'all. I mean, who even knows who the drones kill, really? "People" on some far away place? Yeah, that's not got anything to do with us getting food stamps and welfare and housing and 2 years worth of unemployment and medicaid for the kids I have from a number of fathers who they'll never know. Who gives a crap about drones and foreign countries? Give us a break.

clarence swinney
# clarence swinney
Sunday, February 10, 2013 11:51 AM
He would have continued Clinton/Newt Fiscal Policies of Pay Your Way
We would continue to have Surpluses not Debt as far as the eye can see
Debt today would be 6000B not 15000B
2010 Budget would be 3000B not 3800
Unemployment would be 5% not the real 17%.
Food Stamp Roll would be 10% not 46%
Unemployment Insurance Roll would be low
Redistribution of Wealth back to Middle Class would have continued
The top 1% would own 20% not 43% of Total Financial Wealth
He would have continued Taxing the top 1%
Wall Street Regulators would be under experts not Partners In Crime
We would have 400 military bases not 800 worldwide
We would not have two wars
We would not have lost thousands of lives of young youths
Hundreds of thousands of Muslims would still be alive
Thousands of young Muslims would still have legs feet and minds
America would still be the most admired nation on Earth not the most despised
We would go back to behaving as a Christ-Like nation via our national policies
Millions would own homes not foreclosure notices
States would not be laying off hundreds of thousands in such important jobs as
Teaching and Policing California would have a balanced budget
John Kerry would be President.
Sound common sense policies would continue.
TEA party patriot
# TEA party patriot
Monday, February 11, 2013 10:14 AM
Wow Gary. This is by far the most intellectually honest post I've ever seen from you. It's too bad that more Democrats aren't questioning the same things they thought were bad when Bush was president.
clarence swinney
# clarence swinney
Monday, February 11, 2013 10:44 AM
#1=highest percent with low income
44 per cent of workers at minimum wage
#2=least tax on corporations
#3-least tax on workers (fed-state-local=30% of gdp)
#4 -Inequality
What can be done to reverse these sorry stats?
Increase minimum wage
Increase tax rates on wealth—estates and incomes
One family owns more wealth than 90% of families.
10% get 43% individual income-pay 18% tax rate
25% get 66% individual income-pay 15% tax rate
50% get 87% individual income-pay 12.5% tax rate
137 million earners paid 10.06% tax rate in 2009
We Must tax to get revenue to balance the budget and
start paying down that horrid debt plus reduce spending on Defense and Medicare
clarence swinney
# Carbine
Monday, February 11, 2013 2:13 PM
I have no problem with an American president killing America's enemies. That's his job, and if drones are the best way to whack certain hard-to-reach miscreants, then by all means fire away. I don't see what the target's nationality has to do with it either. If the president has identified a dangerous enemy, operating somewhere overseas outside the reach of conventional law enforcement and intent on causing us harm, it's his duty to kill the SOB.

U.S. citizenship shouldn't come with a right to conduct terrorist operations against the United States with impunity. You join the bad guys, you share their fate.

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