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Pre-K foe Diana Lightfoot has hot-footed it out of the pre-K job. (See blog below.)
Give the McCrory administration points here. There’s only one way to fix a disaster: fast.
Now maybe Ms. Lightfoot can get to the bottom of these ultrasonic waves from China and North Korea.
And here’s two words of advice about picking people for jobs like this: Google search.
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clarence swinney
# clarence swinney
Friday, February 08, 2013 9:15 AM
As the result of one man's (Osama Bin Laden) Revenge did the Bush Administration begin a Torture Program that took place in over 50 nations. The Open Society Foundation study revealed that the number of countries (54)that either hosted CIA “black sites” or tortured prisoners sent by the USA
or otherwise were involved in the program. The invasion of Iraq was based on information given under torture and later recanted. That invasion soured 1500 Million Muslims toward America. It was unnecessary and dumb. The oil was a factor to Cheney and Bush both oil men with close friends in the oil industry. It was the beginning of big time spending and borrowing. In eight years, Bush more than doubled our Debt (5800B to 11,900B) and Spending by 90% (1800 to 3500). Since the year of surplus, 2000, we have borrowed 10,600 Billion. Bush last budget had 3500B in spending and 2100B in Revenue. He borrowed 1400B. The start of 1000B deficits.
Add on his tax cuts to debt disaster that followed. Republicans will not allow taxes on wealth to reduce the deficit and begin to pay down the horrendous Debt they helped create. The eight years of Bush were a tragedy for the middle class. The median wage has shrunk from $52,546 in 2008 to $50,054 in 2011. The top 1.0% of wage earners had 8.2% wage growth 2009-2011 and bottom 90% fell 1.2%
Labor is available but not in demand in most industries. China has the jobs we need.
clarence swinney
# clarence swinney
Friday, February 08, 2013 4:43 PM
Since 1980, you have been ripped off via redistribution of income and wealth .
It began with Reagan 60% tax cut for top incomes.
Today, the tax book exemptions are distributed with bottom 20% getting 3% and top 20% getting 66%.
One half of tax payers take 87% of individual income and 70 Million take 13%.
Minimum wage has the purchasing power of 1968 dollar.
400 have as much wealth as 50% of the population
One family has more wealth than 90% of families.
The Republican do not tax ideology has helped create this inequality.
In 2009, we spent 3500B, taxed 2100B and borrowed 1400B
Our income is 14,000B so 2100B is a 15% tax rate.
The individual income was taxed at 10.06% tax rate.
We have the wealth and income to balance the budget and begin paying down that horrid debt.
We must change. Tax Wealth is necessary.
Since 2000 surplus we borrowed 10,600B due to Bush tax cuts, two wars and failure to tax wealth.
The top 10% own 73% of net wealth, and 83% of financial wealth.
Had we kept Clinton fiscal and foreign policies we would have no debt.

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