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Finally the State Department of Health and Human Services is cracking down on a crisis. What’s that, you ask? Mental health? Rising Medicaid costs? Funding for adult-care homes? The uninsured?
No. The dress code.
I especially like this: “Daily grooming and bathing are required. Clothing should be clean, pressed and in good condition (i.e., no holes, frays, tears, dangling threads, etc.).”
And, I presume, no exposed nipples.
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# dap916
Wednesday, February 06, 2013 3:52 PM
And, so, you've spent a great deal of time in adult-care homes? Trust me, I have. This isn't legislation about jobs and about helping everyone and anyone in our state have everything and everything they, I grant you that. But, trust me, this is good and is needed big time. But, hey, even though it helps those very people the democrats "say" they want to help...a whole lot of those folks don't actually vote because they're not in any condition to do so. Why not bash the republicans for helping them...I mean, they don't matter since they don't vote and we should be helping those that DO vote...especially those that vote democratic.

Those things Gary mentions here like rising Medicaid costs and funding for adult-care homes and "the uninsured" are things that NEED to be looked at, no doubt. A lot of that "looking" should be how much corruption is in those things and how much excessive spending is in those things. But...Gary is working on heart strings mentioning them. Oh yeah...they're gonna be looked at. But you won't like what's gonna happen with them. Sorry, Gary, but even though you probably will be able to sway a lot of folks with your statements, some of us know the deal.

Do you, Gary, have a problem with making sure those in "homes" have daily grooming and baths? Are you saying it's not important for our elderly to have clean clothes? That's not important to you? Hmmmmmmm.......

You may very well end up in a home, mi amigo. Think about it.

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