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Gary is taking a break from blogging. Our guest today is Joe Stewart.
Currently reaching their 18th birthday at a rate of 13,000 a day, the 80 million-strong Generation Y (those born 1982 - 1995) will be the majority of the US workforce and a full third of the voting population by 2015.

This surging tide is poised to become the replacements for the currently-in-charge Baby Boom Generation (today, the median age in Congress is 57, and is 60 among current US governors), leap frogging over Generation X (who kinda sat political life out) to dominate the America governing class.

Less cynical and more civically engaged than Gen X, and far more technology-oriented than Boomers (who are still getting political information from television news and newspapers), Gen Y is poised to be the biggest, most diverse and highly educated generation in American history.

Their enthusiasm about making history was a major factor for Obama in the 2008 presidential race, but hard economic reality cooled that a little in 2012.

So does either party have a lock on Gen Y going forward? It's hard to say.

I suspect if 'old' leaders of the Democrats and Republicans can't get past partisan sniping and ideological extremism, this group of spunky youngsters is likely to declare a pox on both the political party houses.

In all likelihood, Gen Y-ers are going to be America's first 'Imagecrats' - attracted more to charismatic, bigger-than-life, social media savvy candidates they 'like' (every Facebook pun intended) irrespective of party.

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# dap916
Monday, January 28, 2013 5:54 PM
That's just such a great post, Joe. What you've said is big trouble for republicans...conservatives that make up the majority of the republican party. Those "young" folks that you're mentioning here that will, indeed, become involved in the political process eventually will be those that have been educated by the colleges and universities in America that have, in mass, liberal/democratic-leaning professors teaching them to believe how they believe. So, being young and impressionable....this generation "Y" will be most certainly majority "progressive", or what we old folks call "liberals". The democratic party is in the driver's seat....even a staunch conservative/republican like me knows this. Going forward, we're going to see more and more "progressive"/liberal legislation. We'll see a country that is more about being "equal" than about being "responsible for ourselves". We're going to see more and more people dependent on government and far less dependent on personal commitment and taking care of ourselves. That's the focus being taken and the direction we're being taken in. I doubt anyone that believes that government is the answer to our country's ills doesn't know this and doesn't want this.

How many countries in history have failed with this kind of philosophy? But yet, that's where we're headed. America became great because it was a capitalist country. We became the greatest country on Earth because of that. Sure, we've made mistakes...both political parties have been involved in those failures. America will become a third world country because we go away from what has made us great in the first place. Those that are more about making everyone "equal" regardless of effort or achievement ignoring the cultural change that has brought us to our doom will be the ones that will be responsible for our undoing.
clarence swinney
# clarence swinney
Tuesday, January 29, 2013 11:07 AM
16.4T Debt
How did it occur?
Reagan began by increasing it 289%.
Clinton ended with 5800B plus a surplus
Bush ended with 11,900B
Obama has 16.4T
Almost tripled in 12 years.
Bush two wars, huge tax cut, part D unfunded
Obama payroll tax cut
Great Recession
Bail out too big to fail banks
Republican refusal to tax to get revenue to pay our way.
14,000B Income and we tax 2900B and borrow 900 in 2013 fiscal year.
We must increase taxes for the needed revenue.
We rank third as least taxed in Oecd nations.
Our corporations rank second as least taxed.
We rank fourth on Inequality
We rank First as per cent of workers lowest paid

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