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Raleigh was electric Saturday. The crowd was huge and enthusiastic. The stars outdid all their fans’ hopes.
Not the inaugural. The State-Duke game. (Go Pack!)
Governor McCrory’s early-season performance is like a basketball team that makes a brilliant play on one end, then commits a bonehead turnover.
His speech and its “Main Street” trope was good. But he said no money is “falling from the sky” right after he rained big pay raises on his Cabinet.
He pledged to embrace business and create new jobs, but he talks down North Carolina by saying it’s “broken” and its brand “tarnished.” Already, industrial recruiters say he has cost the state one big company by wavering on incentives.
He played the drums and mixed with the party crowds, but his friends at the Foundation for North Carolina (which cynics call “F*@#NC”) held a dinner at the Carolina Country Club and told the invitees to keep it a secret.
One Democrat saw McCrory's visit to the General Assembly on opening day as “good optics.” But, at breakfast this morning, another Democrat questioned the wisdom of linking his popularity to the legislature.
Another observer noted that new governors often have rocky starts. Looking to the long season ahead, he added, “The best thing Democrats have going for them is human nature.”
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clarence swinney
# clarence swinney
Monday, January 14, 2013 1:04 PM
600 Trillion in bets (Derivatives)
Six U.S banks hold 231Trilllion
Net US Wealth is 54 Trillion
Total bank deposits are 13 Trillion
Something miss!!
Can anyone explain it??
# Carbine
Monday, January 14, 2013 1:23 PM
Governor McCrory is off to a fine start. His only questionable move so far has been the raises he authorized for his cabinet, but that's a very short-term image problem, not a substantive policy problem (the money comes from re-distributing resources already allocated to the departments; no new money is involved). None of Gary's other points are in any way substantive either, they are all just wishful thinking on the part of the losers, and exactly what we can expect from him and his fellow professional dissemblers for the next four years.

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