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The party needs a new leadership pipeline for Governor. For decades, it was the Sanford-Hunt tribe. Then it was the Senate’s Basnight-Rand clan, which produced Easley, Perdue and Dalton. It was a good run, but has run dry.
The party has talent in the legislature. But do the rising stars have the requisite political skills – especially the money-raising ability of their predecessors?
One criticism of the new breed is that business doesn’t like them – and has gone over to the Republicans. But there is a lot of money in this state – and a lot of new businesses and new entrepreneurial, business people. Along with trolling for cash in the same old spots, especially among business people concerned about education, there are new fishing holes to be found. Plus the world of Internet fundraising that the Obama campaign pioneered.
Some of the names being mentioned:
Josh Stein: Rose to Minority Whip after just two years in the Senate. Focuses on education, infrastructure and innovation. Has vision and proven, practical political skills. He raised more than $400,000 this cycle, more than any other Democrat in the legislature.
Deborah Ross: An effective advocate in the legislature for the past decade. Hard-working, smart and tough. Will be an important leader in the House with the vacuum created by Joe Hackney's departure
Anthony Foxx: Mayor of NC's largest city, which is no longer a curse. Put on a great convention; delivered when the spotlight was on.
Eric Mansfield: Great resume – doctor, minister and soldier. In just one term, impressed Democrats and Republicans alike. Ran unsuccessfully for Lieutenant Governor, and some people now talk about him for new party chair.
It’s easy now to pooh-pooh them as candidates for Governor in 2016 or 2020. But it once was easy to dismiss the presidential hopes of a first-term African-American Senator with a funny name.
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clarence swinney
# clarence swinney
Wednesday, November 21, 2012 3:20 PM


Tried to get Universal Health Care
National Health Care Costs rising at 10% per annum. Cut to 3%
Deficit Reduction Package
Crime Bill
100,000 cops on street--crime down down down
Welfare Reform-- Mend do not end. GOP helped big time
80% increase in child welfare payments
Job Growth-Record 236,000 per month. (Reagan/Bush 167,000)
Largest percentage of Americans working in history
Largest Home Ownership in history
Record number of small business formations
Tax Cut for 15 million working families
Family and Medical Leave Act
Defense Reinvest and Conversion--Bush enjoying weapons created by Clinton
Direct loan programs for students
Guts to put promises in a book "Putting People First"-58 promises in book. Took action on 56 in first two years.
Second best record in history for getting legislation through Congress in first to years. LBJ number one.
Reinvented Government--cut payroll
Released for public scrutiny more classified documents than all presidents combined
Fewest number of civilians on federal payroll in 36 years
Attacked cop killing nasty rifle association.
Attacked the cancer inducing tobacco industry
Promoted a global effort to ban abusive forms of child labor
Loan 12.8 Billion to Mexico. Made 800 Million profit. Kept Mexico afloat.
Wash. Post kept list of campaign promises. 162. Took action on 96% in first two years.
Took on prejudice toward other Americans in military
Took on his own Southern Baptist Church
Hard smart work in Middle East and Bosnia-Kosovo
Honored with all of the following:
Dove of Peace Award
Rabin-Peres Peace Award
Gandhi Peace Award
Order of Good Hope Award
Nominated for Nobel Peace Award
Northern Ireland Peace Agreement
Lifeaholics of America Award for Quarter Century "Working for a Life Not Just A Living".
First President to visit Northern Ireland
Cleanup of Toxic sites. Record
Increasing weekly earnings
Shoo Shoo Saddam get away from Kuwait
Stopping Haitians from drowning enroute to freedom
First to visit South Africa
First to make a determined effort to help the African continent come together and grow together
Taxing top 1.2% of very wealthy to get Zoom Zoom Boom economy
Stopping Republicans in the House from raiding Medicare of 181 Billion
Stopping Republicans raid on Medicaid
Stopping Republicans raid on education
Stopping Republicans attack on environment
Largest increase in Education funding since GI Bill
Increased funding for Head Start
Nafta.. A success until the Peso went south
Submitting 8 budgets close to rate of inflation
Brady Bill
Assault Weapons Ban
Telling Japan "You take our auto parts or we will apply tariffs on you
California Desert Protection
Forest Management Plan for Northwest
Restoration of Florida Everglades
 Preservation of land in Utah
Major increase in funding for homeless
Motor Voter Act
Lobbying Reform Effort. Handshake with Newt who reneged
Pressure to get Campaign Finance Reform.
National Export Strategy. Unbelievable success.
Over 250 Trade pacts
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Pact
Summit of Americas
Super 301
Chemical Weapons Ban Treaty.
Bottom Up Review of Military
Agreement with Cuba to stop flow of immigrants to USA.
Reduced Nuclear Threat Around the World
Community Banking Act
FEMA used as an active participant and a leader in disaster relief
Tax on well off social security beneficiaries
100,000 new teachers effort
5,000 new classroom effort
50% of classes thru K-12 on internet
Fourth Graders improvement on world tests
Lifetime Learning Opportunity Program
Controls on Spending and Borrowing
Pension Protection Act of 1994
Record high consumer confidence
Very, very, very low Misery Index
National Agenda on Racial Prejudices
First to get African-American unemployment under 10%
Balanced Budget
Record Corporate profits
Record Bank profits
Record Savings and Loan profits
Never whining despite non-sop smears and attacks
Not having a Mean Bone in his body per Historian David Maraniss
Not knowing how to hate
Classing others as "opponents" not "enemies"
Inviting your attackers to the White House functions
Inviting your defeated opponent Bob Dole to visit troops at Christmas
A national attack on hate crimes
Fighting to protect "legal" immigrants from Republicans in the House.
Fighting hard for Fast Track legislation
Kennedy and Kassenbaum Portability of Insurance
Lowest interest rates in 30 years
Allowing millions of homeowners to refinance home loans at lower (much) rates
Lowest unemployment in 25 years
Lowest inflation in 25 years
Lowest welfare rolls in 27 years
Lowest crime Rates in 25 years
First balanced budget sent to Congress in 29 years
Protecting worker pensions (repeat?)
Opposed ban on "Late Term Abortions"
A stock market which passed a 1,000 mark six times
Greatest growth in federal revenues in history
Played Saxophone and Smoked Peace Pipe, instead of beating War Drums like__.
One of History's all time workers for Peace
President in a year when Fortune Magazine classified it as "Greatest Economy in the History of the world"
Popularity jump in the midst of a scandal.
President with highest peacetime popularity in Asia, Africa, Russia and Europe.
Highest popularity of any president at end of fifth year in office
One of the most highly regarded First Lady in History.
One of the most highly regarded Vice-President in History
A Lifetime of Treating all Persons with Respect
clarence swinney
# clarence swinney
Thursday, November 22, 2012 8:27 AM
America is waking
This nation has been harmed beyond a quick recovery
from multinationals and other corporations sending
our entire industries overseas for cheap labor more profit.
State revenues have been affected.
Deficits are created by lack of jobs.
A plant moves that loses revenue for cities and states.
58,000 closed in first decade of this century.
One sources estimates we lost $245 Billion in manufacturing wages
in that sordid decade due to loss of 5.5 Million mfg jobs.
China has been the big cheese encouraging movements into large modern plants built and subsidized by the government. End China currency manipulation. That is est. to get us 1 million jobs.
# Carbine
Thursday, November 22, 2012 10:44 AM
Stein? Ross? Fox? Are you serious? You know nothing about this state, Gary. With comments like that it's hard to believe you've ever even visited North Carolina, much less that you live here. Stein is smart and articulate, as is Ross, but both orbit far from the political mainstream of this state, and they each have a rich record of radical left wing statements, votes, and activities that can't be defended in a statewide election. Ross has the added detriment that the more people get to know her, the less they like her.

As for Foxx, he has one thing in his favor--he's black. As mayor he's shown no talent for management, either political or otherwise, and were it not for his race no one would even know he existed--he is utterly unremarkable.

Mansfield may have impressed his constituents and his colleagues in Raleigh, but no one else has ever heard of him.
clarence swinney
# clarence swinney
Thursday, November 22, 2012 10:47 AM
America is waking
This nation has been harmed beyond a quick recovery
from multinationals and other corporations sending
our entire industries overseas for cheap labor more profit.
State revenues have been affected.
Deficits are created by lack of jobs.
A plant moves that loses revenue for cities and states.
58,000 closed in first decade of this century.
One sources estimates we lost $245 Billion in manufacturing wages
in that sordid decade due to loss of 5.5 Million mfg jobs.
China has been the big cheese encouraging movements into large modern plants built and subsidized by the government. End China currency manipulation. That is est. to get us 1 million jobs.
clarence swinney
# clarence swinney
Friday, November 23, 2012 10:33 AM
2013 Budget
Revenue-2900B=20.7% of Total National Income
Expend-3800B=27.1% of Total National Income
Deficit 900B (borrowed)
Total Income-$14,000B
$12,000B Individual Income
$2000B Corporate income
Tax Rate=2900B Of 14.000B=20.7%
Third Least taxed in OECD nations.
Revise our Tax Code=Quick
clarence swinney
# clarence swinney
Friday, November 23, 2012 4:32 PM
1. Fed Fund Campaigns—6 months-3 primary-3 general--
free equal tv time—debate a week =12=adequate to evaluate candidates.
No $$$---personal or outside.
2. Since there will be not need to campaign for $$$$ outlaw any gift to a member of the government that has a monetary value. Bye Bye K St Bribery.

3. Progressive effective flat tax by group.
Start a new tax book. A shame we rank #3 as Least taxed in oecd nations. In 2009, we taxed 11.06% of Total AGI.
Of course, we borrowed 1400 Billion. Clarence swinney disgusted
clarence swinney
# clarence swinney
Saturday, November 24, 2012 8:05 AM
#1---Highest percent of work force in low pay jobs=24%
#2---Least taxed corporations
#3---Least taxed as percent of gdp---27%
#4---on Inequality
These are our rankings in OECD nations
80% get own 5% of Net Wealth
80% own 11% of Financial Wealth
70 Million get 13% of Individual Income (2009 tax returns)
10% get 43%--Paid 18% Tax Rate
25% get 66%--Paid 15% Tax Rate
50% get 87%--Paid 12.5% Tax Rate
138,00,000 paid 11.06% Tax Rate.
clarence swinney
# clarence swinney
Sunday, November 25, 2012 10:13 AM
Thanksgiving for Great leaders
Good Comments on Bill Clinton

1.Billy Graham at Oklahoma City-“His quick mind and warm personality impressed me immediately. Seldom have I seen anyone express, so movingly and sincerely, a genuine sense of compassion and sympathy to those who were hurting.

I felt that he, not I, was the real pastor that day.

We spent much of the afternoon talking about the Bible and what it days about God’s plan for our lives. It was a time of warm fellowship with man who has not always won approval from his fellow Christians but who has in his heart “a desire to serve God”.

2. James McDougal On Larry King—“Bill Clinton’s charisma and caring for others is real. He has always been that way.”

3. Hillary Clinton—“He is the most optimistic and gregarious person I have ever known or heard about. He likes people, all people, with no pettiness or preferences.”

4. John Brummitt—Author of ”High Wire” and Editor of Republican Arkansas Democrat Gazette—“Bill Clinton is no phony. He truly cares for others. I will repeat it for the umpteenth time that Bill Clinton is no crook. You may disagree with him but he does not hold it against you. He has no interest in financial things.”

5. David Maraniss-Author of Clinton Biography “First in His Class” and reporter for Washington Post. “Bill Clinton truly likes people and feels their pain .He doesn’t know how to hate. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.”

6.Jack Nelson—Washington Bureau Chief for Los Angeles Times for decades—“ I have known Bill Clinton since he came to Washington but I know of nothing he has done that impugns his integrity. His integrity is as good as Bob Doles. He has to compromise from his original position to get things done and his critics crucify him for doing what every president must do.”

7. James Stewart—Author of Bloodsport—“The Clintons commited no crime in their investment in the Whitewater land purchase.”

8. Pillsbury-Madison Soutra Report—Paid 3.4 million by RTC to investigate Madison Guaranty S&L. Their final report-“We found no culpability on the part of the Clintons or the Rose Law Firm.”

9. James McDougal-President of the Whitewater Development Corporation—“There was no crime committed in the purchase and selling of Whitewater property.”

10. Robert Novak—“I think Bill Clinton is terrific.”

11. Newt Gingrich—“Bill Clinton charms me. It takes me days of detoxification after a meeting with him.”

12. D’Amato—Chair of Senate Hearings on Whitewater—There was no crime. Many allegations, insinuations and smears but no crime.

13. Clarence W. Swinney-Producer of ”Lifeaholics-Work For A Life Not Just A living”-
President Bill Clinton is one of our all time great presidents. He is no whiner like President Bush. He is intelligent unlike President Reagan. He fights like a pit bull for his programs unlike President Truman. His record of success on his basic programs is phenomenal. The right wing National Review wrote “President Clinton absolutely ate the cake of the Republican Congress in 1997”.
14, Sarah McClendon—Author of “Mr. President, Mr. President”—I think Bill Clinton may go down in history as one of our really great presidents. Bill Clinton’s allure comes from the unmistakable feeling that he genuinely likes you.

The presidency has been broadened by Mr. Clinton from his high summitry on war and peace. International trade and foreign policy to include such matters as abuse of women, teen-age pregnancy, youth gangs and even schoool construction. His actions extend a helping hand to those living with the problems in homes, communities and the job world.

Mr. Clinton has taken on a lot more than he had to. He does not want to be anybody’s enemy and he hates to hear you talk badly about anyone.”

15. Don Imus-“President Clinton has a great heart. He truly cares.”

16. Gennifer Flowers—“Bill Clinton would never do what Paula Jones said he did. Bill Clinton has respect for women and is a perfect gentleman at all times around women.”

17. Susan McDougal—“Bill Clinton was not interested in the Whitewater account. My husband, Jim. Said “everytime I tried to talk business with Bill Clinton his eyes rolled back in his head. He had no interest.”

18. Ronald K. Anderson—Arkansas State Trooper—“I guarded Governor Clinton for 8 years, night and day, and sometimes seven days in a row and I never saw him do anything wrong. The three of us that guarded him most of the tine were offered $700,000 each, to trash Bill Clinton, by Cliff Jackson.”

19. Dick Morris-Clinton adviser for years—“I was with Bill Clinton probably 1,000 days and 10,000 hours and I never saw him express any interest in any woman except Hillary and he would fight you over her.”

20. Carolyn Yeldell Staley—closest lifetime friend—“Bill sees religion as an important (but intensely personal) part of life. Bill is a Christian and his personal faith has grown and deepened through his adult life. Bill is private about his faith and does not trivialize it by overly publicizing his church attendance. His faith is very personal and real.”

21. Douglas Eakeley—Fellow Rhodes Scholar at Oxford—“Bill’s potential for leadership was apparent. My first impression was “is this guy for real”. It didn’t take long to find out. He was (and remains) one of the most gregarious persons I have ever met. Bill’s interest in others conveyed a sense of understanding and sympathy that gave him an ability to relate to people of all walks of life.”

22.Stephen Oxman-Fellow student at Oxford—“I remember how interested he was in talking with people and how much he enjoyed it. He displayed an unusual ability to engage people from many different backgrounds in friendly, substantive conversations.
I think this skill arises from Bill’s inherent liking for people. He finds in others a great source of life’s richness and potential, and he gives of himself so that others find this in him as well.”

23. Douglas Eakeley—fellow student at Oxford—“His anguished decision to give up his draft deferment and subject himself to the draft reflects a combination of courage, integrity and a sense of calling that is so typical of Bill Clinton.”

24. Don Pogue—Fellow student at Oxford—“Bill’s warmth for people always seemed to help him maintain a balance in difficult times. My amazement at how well Bill maintained a balance during the war events. He talked with people. He listened. He read and he seemed to be reading a new book each week. He seemed to have a reserve of decency towards everybody he met that just kept him going.”

25. Congressman Thomas Allen—Classmate at Oxford—“When I was with Presdient Clinton at Oxford he had greatness written all over him. His character, personality and leadership were obvious. You never felt he was patronizing or trying to gain something personal. He was impressive as a person who wanted desperately to do good for all. He has been that same person all these years.”

26. Britt Hume—“Bill Clinton is the most charming man I have ever met. You cannot be around him and not like him. He makes Reagan look dull.”

27. Nelson Mandela—“President Clinton is one of the most decent men I have come across and he has got a thick skin and strong nerves.”

28. David Gergen-Reporter—“ Ass someone who has worked with and known the man for more than a dozen years, I believe that in a crisis Bill Clinton steps up to the challenge. He can certainly do the damnest things but down deep he has a good heart and tries very hard to serve a higher good.”

29. Republican Rep. Asa Hutchinson—long time opponent of Clinton—“when my family came to Washington in 1996, the Clintons invited my family for a tour of the White House. It was a great treat for mom. I will never forget the time Governor Clinton stayed at a town meeting until 1 a.m. discussing environmental problems in the small town of El Dorado. It just impressed me. His interest and commitment. I was also impressed when, in 1992, he ignored the advice of professional politicians and kept his campaign and transition team in Little Rock. His roots in Arkansas have always been very important to him.”

30. Prime Minister Netanyahu—“President Clinton is a warrior for peace. He never stops. He never quits. He has boundless optimism. I mean he does not stop. He has this ability to maintain a tireless pace and to nudge and prod and suggest.”


clarence swinney
# clarence swinney
Sunday, November 25, 2012 1:14 PM
Bush Tax Cuts, Payroll Tax Cuts, Sequestred Spending cuts.
A great debate on each. No good solutions. People get hurt
on each. Result of tax cuts was more debt debt debt.
Spending cuts mean loss of jobs in federal government.
Each party is playing talk politics not common sense positive solutions.
Have you any?
# dap916
Sunday, November 25, 2012 7:16 PM
Good luck Gary, here in NC for the next 8 years or so. I mean, c'mon...the districts are pretty much made up so that repubs are going to continue to stay "in power" in the House and Senate in NC and will continue to get most of the positive news/media reports because of that, that's how it works, in case ya didn't know. Kinda like how Obama & team/democrats are gonna get the big time coverage/favorability from the national mainstream press because of their political power nationally. Duh.

So, put out all the pundit stuff you want. It means squat, actually, because when it comes to NC, repubs currently own it. Oh, sure, there will be some areas that dems are strong in, but and I both know whatsup in NC politically. Methinks it's gonna help ya in the long run, Gary. I mean, if you can sell some dems that you're the big-time deal with credits with Hunt and other dem'll be able to "sell" yourself and make some serious dough. And, we'll continue to see your lib/progressive stuff here on TAP.

Anonymous User
# Anonymous User
Monday, November 26, 2012 7:47 AM
Out-Foxxed by N
Anonymous User
# Anonymous User
Monday, November 26, 2012 7:50 AM
Out-Foxxed by N

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