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If Mitt Romney feels like he’s up to his hips in alligators – he ought to consider the alligators that have chomped down on poor Tony Tata.
Two years ago, the newly elected Republican School Board made short shift of the old School Superintendent and hired Tata. Then the Democrats won the next election and their School Board set out to give Tata the boot.
Elections do have consequences.
Next, proclaiming it the “War at the School Board,” Wake County’s Republican Chairman Susan Bryant blasted the Democrats and emailed a call to arms to local Republicans, saying, ‘The radical extremists… are preparing to fire our great Superintendent, and we have to stop them.’
Unfortunately for Mrs. Bryant she ran head-on into a deadly foe: A sense of humor – which the News & Observer’s Barry Saunders has in abundance. Gently poking Mrs. Bryan in his column Saunders wrote: Chill, sisterwoman. ‘Radical extremists’ are those people who stormed our embassy and killed our ambassador and others in Libya…’
Anyway, it’s all over now. Yesterday the Democrats removed Tata.
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# dap916
Thursday, September 27, 2012 9:35 AM
You and Gary have made good posts concerning this situation. Like I said on Gary's post..."Ain't politics grand?"

Sad part one seems to truly be thinking about the kids and the school system. Just political maneuvering.

And round and round it goes. Where it stops, nobody knows.

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